From the Cheap Seats: Global Warmers Hit Some Moguls

November 18, 2013
It seems that a shortage of global warming has allowed North America's largest ski resort to open early this year

A shortage of global warming has allowed North America’s largest ski resort to open early this year

Remember how back in 2006, global warming was destroying skiing?

To be sure it was warm in Kitzbuhel, Austria, 10 days before Christmas. It’s not as though warm Decembers are as rare as a truthful words coming out of Barack Obama. In fact, they’re pretty common.

Just ask the people who run ski resorts. Fact is, those people routinely sweat it until the snow flies in January and February.

Interestingly, that’s not the case this year.

Colorado skiers and snowboarders already have strapped on the slats and have plied the slopes at Loveland, Copper Mountain, A-Basin.

And it’s not just Colorado ski resorts.

Heavy snowfall at Whistler Mountain in British Columbia has skiers in the Pacific Northwest hitting the slopes two weeks ahead of what the ski areas had planned.

“Thanks to oodles of snow, Whistler Mountain will open 13 days early this season,” the resort said, adding that “Whistler is renowned, season upon season, for being the number one ski resort for guaranteed snow – lots of it – and this winter will be no exception.”

Odd. According to Mrs. Sen. Mark Udall and the ProgLuddites of her Climate Reality Project, (CRaP,) the skiers at Whistler ought to be whistling Dixie, not bouncing off moguls and working on their stem Christies north of the border.

Those very same lefties are pretty fond of calling people who actually paid attention in science classes as “deniers” and heretics.

You may recall it was the very same band of bozos who, back in 2006, decided to apply lumberjack techniques to determine the age of a clam they dubbed “Ming.”

So, along the lines of sawing down a tree and counting the rings to determine its age, The “scientists” pried Ming open, killing the creature instantly.

Turns out “Ming” had survived 507 years before the boys from Bangor University in North Wales came along. “Ming,” in fact, had lived since the latter years of the Ming Dynasty.

Cheap Seats hopes the chowderheads at Bangor University doesn’t decide to study Ming vases by smashing them on the floor and surveying the shards.

Then again, maybe if the boys from Bangor smashed some vases and then some clams so they could interpret that pattern of fired clay and mollusk entrails, they might do a better job of understanding the climate.

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