From the Cheap Seats: Udall’s Two-Stroke Carbon Penalty

November 12, 2013
HACKER:  Did Udall hit the links with Lefty after his limo ride?

HACKER: Did Udall hit the links with Lefty after his limo ride?

Cheap Seats is rather curious to to know whether Mr. Maggie Fox has been teeing it up with Lefty.

It’s not exactly well advertised that the aforementioned Sen. Mark Udall is a practitioner of the pastoral pastime — particularly with his friend President Obama — but a fascinating report from a security journal called  seems to have documented that open secret.

Seems that back in September 2009, Udall winged into Logan International Airport from parts unknown and, according to info revealed by a hacker who tapped into a limo company’s records, Udall was accompanied by his golf clubs.

So Cheap Seats is curious. Did Udall have a game with one of the country’s best-known golfers?  Was he looking for some swing tips? Maybe a little help with the putter?

Cheap Seats suspects that’s the case, but has to wonder about something.  Did he play another 18 with President Obama — one he was trying to keep under the radar back here in Colorado?

Oh wait, let’s be sure there’s no confusion here.

Lefty is President Obama. He plays golf left-handed. Kind of like how he governs, on the left.  We didn’t mean to imply that Cheap Seats was referring to Phil Mickelson.

Apologies to Mickelson, no offense was intended.

But Cheap Seats still has a question. Between that flight to Boston, the limo to the course, and the deforestation needed to clear those manicured fairways — just how much carbon dioxide did Udall facilitate releasing into the atmosphere for his golf junket?

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One Response to From the Cheap Seats: Udall’s Two-Stroke Carbon Penalty

  1. Bob Terry
    November 12, 2013 at 2:45 pm

    Till “We the People” wake up !!! We the People will be duped with crap like this …
    You voted for this … Yeah ya did ..

    DeGette …Hudak ..Bennet .. Udall .. Polis …let’s promise the world lets save you from yourselves, and yes will Obey and bow to our great mandates and leadership …

    We’ll be paying a life time for these leeches …and they will be exempt under Obamacare as liberal uncaring and Royalty as a pre existing condition ..

    Think before you Vote …you’re paying for horrid and Dog feces Government …. Your Pocket book ripe for the taking …


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