Guest Commentary: Coffman Steadfast in Opposition to Obamacare “Trainwreck”

November 14, 2013
ZVONEK: Coffman heard the warning whistles on Obamacare long before the train went off the tracks

ZVONEK: Rep. Coffman heard the warning whistles on Obamacare long before the train went off the tracks

At a time when the Obamacare “trainwreck” is making daily headlines, prompting fair weather supporters of the fatally-flawed law to duck for cover, it’s worth taking a moment to recognize the elected leaders, like U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman, who were alert enough to hear the warning whistles long before the train went off the tracks.

Rare is the elected official who can hold a steady position when the political winds really start whipping. But Coffman has been admirably consistent in opposing this unacceptable (and yes, unaffordable) new government intrusion into the healthcare sector. And for this he deserves credit and our thanks.

Coffman opposed original passage of the law, of course, and has joined Members from both parties in the House of Representatives in repeatedly voting to repeal or defund the law since then. He’s voted to delay Obamacare provisions that would fall hard on individuals and businesses – like the law’s medical device tax, for instance, which will hurt patients and harm the U.S. economy by punishing innovation and driving U.S. medical equipment makers overseas.

As a former small business owner, Coffman has repeatedly raised the red flag on the impending dangers Obamacare presents to employers. Coffman knows that the new heavy handed mandates from Washington will suppress economic growth as businesses struggle to comply with the litany of new regulations and requirements – and in some cases – reduce their workforce in order to avoid the need to comply all together.

Representative Coffman forcefully spoke out when rules handed down from the Obama administration gave Members of Congress and their staff sweetheart deals. Coffman introduced legislation aimed at ensuring public officials, including Members of Congress,  would not be allowed to live under a special set of rules unavailable to his own constituents. Under Coffman’s plan – if the American people were going to be forced to live under Obamacare – so too were those responsible for the laws existence.

Time after time, in vote after vote, Coffman has fought hard, like the good Marine Corps combat veteran he is, against the imposition of this terrible new law on his constituents, understanding that it’s the furthest thing from “affordable” and represents an alarming new government intrusion into a realm where it doesn’t belong.

But not content to simply say “no” to Obamacare, Coffman also has supported free market alternative ideas, like creating health insurance coverage tax incentives that will put more power in the hands of consumers, not government. And that’s just one of the creative solutions Coffman has become known for.

On this all-important issue Coffman has been as consistently anti-Obamacare as any member of Congress. And the excellent ratings he continually earns from free market organizations show that he’s a reliable ally of taxpayers on other issues as well. Maybe nothing better confirms his free market credentials than the vicious sniping he’s facing from liberals, whose desperate attempts to knock him off shows how much they fear him as a solid freedom-fighter.

Many members of Congress continue to assure American taxpayers that Obamacare is good medicine and that it will make health care more affordable – after all it’s the “Affordable” Care Act, right? But we all know actions speak louder than carefully-spun speeches. President Obama once warned that health care could one day cost Americans one dollar for every five they earned. Unfortunately, he was right. And his health care plan is leading us in that direction.

Americans for Prosperity-Colorado has been proud to count Mike Coffman as an ally in the many battles we’ve fought against this abomination called Obamacare. We want to thank him for standing strong and we’re counting on his continued help in the many battles yet to come.

Dustin Zvonek is the Colorado State Director of Americans for Prosperity, the nation’s largest free-market grassroots advocacy group. Learn more at

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