Our View: Romanoff’s 99 Problems

November 18, 2013
Romanoff is fond of presenting himself as a “moderate,” but you wouldn’t know it from looking at the “Who’s Who” of well-known liberals who hosted a fundraiser for the perennial candidate

Romanoff is fond of presenting himself as a “moderate,” but his financial backers are a “Who’s Who” of well-known liberals

Like many of his fellow Democrats, Congressional hopeful Andrew Romanoff (D-Denver) hasn’t found much time to talk about the estimated 250,000 Coloradans who have already lost their health insurance thanks to left-wing social engineering.  He has, however, found time to attend a swanky fundraiser with some of Obamacare’s chief architects in Washington.

Romanoff is fond of presenting himself as a “moderate,” one who shuns the support of special interest groups and ideologues – but you wouldn’t know it from looking at the “Who’s Who” of well-known liberals playing host to the perennial candidate at a Beltway soiree.

House Democrat leadership, including Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, and James Clyburn, as well as Maryland’s budget hack Chris Van Hollen convened at the home of D.C. socialite and politico John Jameson’s on Capitol Hill last week.

This wasn’t the first example of Romanoff’s actions running counter to his rhetoric when it comes to special interest backing.

Despite making a pledge to reject “special interest” donations from political action committees, Romanoff has accepted truckloads of financial support from lobbyists and PACs – a fact that wasn’t lost on Senator Michael Bennet during his 2010 primary fight with Romanoff. Bennet even went so far to call Romanoff a “dishonest, career politician” who undermined “his entire campaign platform, and presumably his beliefs.”

How centrist voters in the district Romanoff will feel about him accepting campaign cash from a far-left political consulting firm that includes clients such as massive labor unionsjob-killing green lobby groups, and radical anti-gun groups remains to be seen.  After all, paying back a legislative debt to such progressive groups (if Andy does make it Congress) might not sit too well with Coloradans who have shown a significant distaste for out-of-state interests meddling in their elections. It is also unclear how these same voters will view Romanoff’s campaign donations from lobbyists and lawyers despite his deceitful promise not to do so.

Obamacare and broken pledges aside, Romanoff will face the daunting challenge of explaining his record as a state Representative and Speaker of the Colorado House. While Romanoff once boasted about passing the strictest immigration laws in the United States, he has now done a 180 degree turn, calling for amnesty – a move that many backers of relaxing immigration rules will likely view as a purely political one.

Romanoff will also encounter criticism for his role as the chief architect of Referendum C, a multi-billion dollar tax hike on Coloradans, his support for raising taxes on senior citizens, and a carbon tax that would increase energy costs on every Coloradan.

For a career politician attempting to mask his record, Romanoff will have an uphill battle. His extensive liberal voting record, broken campaign pledges and support for ObamaCare put him at odds with the new voters in Colorado’s Sixth District. After President Obama endorsed Senator Bennet in the 2010 Democratic primary, it’s got to be tough to have the President cost Romanoff an election not once, but twice.

At least Romanoff is renting this time. It’ll make it easier for him to pick up, move, and claim residence somewhere new the next time a seat opens up in Colorado.  Then again, he could always sidestep the carpetbagger label by mounting a second go-round with Senator Bennet in 2016 should his bid for Congress fail.

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One Response to Our View: Romanoff’s 99 Problems

  1. nick werle
    June 23, 2014 at 11:43 pm

    again this “editor” lies and lies, but that is to be expected


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