Polis: Give Illegal Immigrants Access to Obamacare

November 19, 2013
Polis argues that taxpayers would save money by adding illegal immigrants to public health care programs

Polis argues that taxpayers would save money by adding illegal immigrants to public health care programs

WASHINGTON – Colorado Democratic Rep. Jared Polis wants to use illegal immigrants to boost the president’s fledgling health care system by allowing them access to the contentious network as part of an amnesty package.

The immigration bill passed by the Senate would block illegal aliens from receiving taxpayer subsidized health care for several years after amnesty was granted, and would not force them to sign up for the mandated coverage.

But Polis is pushing his colleagues to pass legislation in the House that would provide health care to everyone living in the U.S arguing that taxpayers would save money by adding those immigrants to public health care programs now.

“American citizens are essentially being forced to pay for the health care costs of people who are here illegally every day, until we pass comprehensive immigration reform,” Polis told The Washington Times.

“We’re wondering why rates are going up … It’s no surprise. When somebody doesn’t have insurance, their costs are shifted onto other people that do,” Polis said.

The cost of subsidizing health care for immigrants is more than $82 billion over the next decade, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

Polis’s proposal comes on the heels of the Obama administration’s revelation that just over 100,000 people have signed up for the president’s signature health care program, less than 4,000 in Colorado.

It differs vastly from the proposal last week by Colorado Democratic Sen. Mark Udall, who introduced legislation to delay the president’s health care law by one year.

Meanwhile, Obama issued a new policy directive Friday granting amnesty to illegal immigrants who are family members of those serving in the U.S. military.

The new policy would essentially prevent immigration officials from deporting illegal immigrants and instead allows them to “parole in place” if they apply through legal channels to live in the U.S.

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3 Responses to Polis: Give Illegal Immigrants Access to Obamacare

  1. November 19, 2013 at 7:30 am

    I say we use all those school buses that sit around all summer to send the illegal aliens back where they came from. That way maybe some americans could find jobs. I have nothing against them personally and i like them but they are ruining this country. They drive up prices for everything from housing to food and on and on. Our politicians are all for them. California now gives them drivers licenses further letigimizing the illegitimate. In cal we feel it the most because the majority of them are here. I dont know why all the bleeding hearts feel justified in breaking the law along with the illegals to take from americans to care for illegals. I say every last american citizen in need should have food and heath care and housing provided for them before any illegal alien gets a penny. it would be nice to see them all sent back where they belong. They are jealous of us and hate us anyway. They steal everything not bolted down and a large percentage of them are in the drug business selling to our children destroying lives.

  2. November 19, 2013 at 7:31 am

    Illegals and liberal politicians have ruined america.

  3. Rick Brewster
    November 19, 2013 at 4:06 pm

    Hey Jared.. Why don’t you focus on the root cause of the tax burden and rising costs. Illegal immigration! It is idiots like you who are elected to Congress that have put us in the position we are in. I may move to your district just to vote you out. You can count on me driving up there to help get the voters out to oust you. Move to California. Study under that amazing wordsmith Pelosi. Better yet just move to France.

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