From the Cheap Seats: Left Tones Down Sex to Sell Obamacare

December 12, 2013
ProgNow's new social-media spots bring back “Nate and Susie,” the “hot-to-trot” birth-control poster kids in a more PG context

ProgNow’s new social-media spots bring back “Nate and Susie,” the “hot-to-trot” birth-control poster kids, but in a more PG context

The gang at ProgressNow Colorado is out with another round of ads touting Obamacare, and we at Cheap Seats are happy to report that they’re slightly less cringe-inducing than the last bunch.

The new social-media spots bring back “Nate and Susie,” the “hot-to-trot” birth-control poster kids from last month’s spots, but it appears that the duo is now more interested in pursuing a relationship than hooking up for a one-night stand.

“OMG, she’s hot! Let’s hope she wants to opt into this relationship as much as I do,” says “Nate” in the ad, produced by the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative and ProgNow. “I got insurance (I hope I get her too)!”

As our friends at Colorado Peak Politics note, this latest ad represents a shift in tone for the progressives, who had previously insisted there was nothing wrong with using the lure of casual sex to attract millennials to the state’s floundering health-care exchange.

In fact, the previous ads were so bad that the website conducted an investigation into whether they were real or some kind of bizarre urban legend, like the seven-headed snake or Area 51.

“Several people have posted pictures of ObamaCare ads. Wondering if these ads really exist,” asks a reader. The response: “TRUE.”

Indeed, the ads are real, but they haven’t done much to reverse the fortunes of Connect for Health Colorado. As of Nov. 30, 9,980 people had signed up for private plans, a couple of thousand enrollees below the original worst-case scenario, as the Dec. 23 deadline for coverage starting Jan. 1 looms.

On the other hand, sign-ups for Medicaid are going like gangbusters. So far 64,290 Coloradans have enrolled in the newly expanded Medicaid program, which used to cover primarily indigent pregnant women and children, but under Obamacare includes anyone with an annual income below 133 percent of the poverty level.

Which brings us to another ad debuting this week in the “Got Insurance?” series, this one showing Santa Claus scolding consumers about buying health insurance.

“You better not be naughty and let other people cover your health insurance bills,” says Santa in the ad.

We’ve got news for you, Santa: Anyone paying taxes is covering someone else’s health-insurance bills, and thanks to Obamacare, there are many more people to cover. The untold sidebar of Obamacare is the Medicaid explosion, and how it dovetails with the left’s efforts to create a permanent electoral majority by expanding the nation’s dependent class.

Even if the private-insurance exchange is ultimately a bust, Obamacare will be nonetheless viewed as a success by progressives trying to extend government benefits to as many voters, er, people as possible.

Feel free to laugh at the “Nate and Susie” ads because they’re ridiculous, but don’t forget that they’re also a distraction.

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