Gun-Rights Backers Gag on Sandwich Analogy From Governor’s Media Adviser

December 17, 2013
GOP gubernatorial candidates Tom Tancredo and Greg Brophy both took aim an the anti-gun Tweet of Hickenlooper advisor Max Potter

GOP candidates Tom Tancredo and Greg Brophy both took aim at an anti-gun Tweet sent by Hickenlooper adviser Max Potter

DENVER—Gun-rights advocates are having trouble digesting a social-media post from a senior adviser to Gov. John Hickenlooper that compares the right to bear arms with the right to bear a ham sandwich.

“’Constitutional rights,’” yes. But #gunrights? Isn’t that like #hamsandwichrights or #lightbulbrights or #bombrights or #humanrights…wait,” says the message from Max Potter, the governor’s senior media adviser, on Twitter.

Former Rep. Tom Tancredo, who’s running for the Republican nomination for governor, said the tweet seems to claim that “there is no Second Amendment,” and called on the governor to explain the message.

“The tweet implies that the governor looks at gun rights in the same way as he [Potter] does, and unless the governor says something to the contrary, that’s what we have to conclude,” said Tancredo.

Nobody from the governor’s office has commented publicly on the tweet, although Hickenlooper chief strategy officer Alan Salazar did re-tweet it. A message to the governor’s press office requesting comment was not returned immediately Monday.

State Sen. Greg Brophy (R-Wray), who’s also seeking the GOP gubernatorial nomination, said the message reflects what he described as a disdain toward the Second Amendment that permeates the governor’s office.

“It’s an indication of how deeply their animosity toward gun rights and the Second Amendment goes,” said Brophy. “I don’t think it’s a fluke that he’s the gun-control governor or that his staff is hostile to gun rights, and we get glimpses of it occasionally, like with this tweet.”

Potter, a former editor at 5280 magazine, was hired by the governor in August, when sentiment against the state legislature’s gun-control laws was heating up and the legislative recall campaigns were in full swing.

“Usually media specialists who work for governors don’t publicly tweet senseless and offensive messages,” said the conservative website Colorado Peak Politics, which broke the story Monday.

Victor Head, who ran the successful Pueblo recall campaign against former Democratic state Sen. Angela Giron, said Potter appeared to be mocking the idea that Second Amendment rights can also be referred to as gun rights.

“There’s a lot of things you can attach a different name to that are in the Constitution and that doesn’t make them wrong,” said Head, who leads Pueblo Freedom and Rights. “Hickenlooper can try to sound as moderate as he wants, but obviously he and his whole staff are pretty anti-Second Amendment.”

Potter's controversial Tweet (above)

Potter’s controversial Tweet (above)

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2 Responses to Gun-Rights Backers Gag on Sandwich Analogy From Governor’s Media Adviser

  1. Bob Terry
    December 17, 2013 at 12:37 pm

    And we pay $130,000 taxpayer dollars for drivel shit like this… Really.. Rights..I guess the Liberal Left and the Democratic party will define as they see what your rights are..Rewrite the Constitution as the say it needs to be … Well Mr Max..what about stupidity rights..I have to listen to that from your party.. What about free from Obama Executive Order rights ? Or Obamacare rights…You’ll spout your bile… Wake up..This is pure crap…do ya like eating liberal democratic shoved down your throat crap??? And the gentle Hick .. he’s a wolf in sheeps clothing … and would sell you down to eastern interests and dictates.. We’re the WEST Hick your from the East go back there and take your losers with ya…Max Potter 5280 defector …left I wouldn’t buy a 5280 mag if it was given with a money back guarantee… Hick is left…why does he attract and hire losers like this … Crap…and not backing of facts but…if it saved just one …well it didn’t acknowledged or not it didn’t… Just Liberal pants pissing


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