From the Cheap Seats: Coldest Month of the Century

January 28, 2014
The Gore Effect refers to the tendency of the weather to turn cold whenever Al decides to deliver a speech on “global warming.”

The Gore Effect refers to the tendency of the weather to turn cold whenever Al decides to deliver a speech on “global warming.”

The Gore Effect, is, like the H1N1 virus, expanding rapidly.

Its growth now extends, quite hilariously, to Tuesday’s State of the Union speech, in which President “What me, shiver?” Obama plans to deliver a harangue on “global warming.”

Cheap Seats can only imagine the thrill being felt by the “climate leaders” – all four of them — trained by Mrs. Sen. Mark Udall,  and her comrades at CRaP, the disingenuously named Climate Reality Project on hearing this news.

Sad that so many TVs will turn off when Obama’s speech clogs up the airwaves, especially given where all those Eastern Seaboard televisions will be tuned to the latest in weather stories.

Cheap Seats is deadly serious on this point – it is a shame that so many Eastern lib-types will ignore the Obama’s yammerings on the state of the climate as their oysters are freezing in a record cold blast.

Easterners already digging out from the polar vortex of earlier this month. Today, however, a frigid trend rivaling that of Hillary Clinton caring about the fates of Americans in Benghazi, is about to blast into town.

“The coldest month of the century” is winding down as Obama talks global warming. Anyone who doesn’t find that funny has never laughed at the Three Stooges. Perhaps it will because there is bu one Stooge and he makes Moe look smart.

The Gore Effect refers to the marked tendency of the weather to turn cold when Al (I’m doing this for the money, dammit) Gore decides to deliver a speech to the shivering masses on the horrors of global warming.

He cashes a check each time, of course, so Gore hasn’t suffered, or at least his pocketbook hasn’t.

But Cheap Seats wonders how long Obama’s credibility can survive when he warns people planning to burn the furniture for warmth about the shame and terror of global warming.

The Gore Effect is one thing, but Cheap Seats shivers to contemplate the Obama Reaction, in which overwrought whining about global warming is delivered in freezing temperatures.

Some have called this President Zero.

From the Cheap Seats, that’s looking charitable: Maybe “Absolute Zero” is more like it.

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