From the Cheap Seats: Flipping the Bird to Rural Colorado

January 23, 2014
Interior Secretary Jewell's ostensible reason for visiting was to talk sage grouse, but the real intention was to flip northwest Colo. the bird

Interior Secretary Jewell’s ostensible reason for visiting was to talk sage grouse, but the real intention was to flip northwest Colo. the bird

It didn’t take long for petroleum geologist Sally Jewell to get the hang of Obama administration arrogance, Cheap Seats has noticed.

Jewell, chosen by President Obama to replace the hapless Ken Salazar (remember Deepwater Horizon?), sallied forth, as it were, to Craig this week to teach the yokels who was in charge.

Jewell yukked it up on a local ranch, talking about the sage grouse, then headed back into town for a “public” meeting at which she sicced her Interior Department goons on the local newspaper who dared to report on something other than the choreographed traveling minstrel show she put on.

Jewell presumably didn’t want anyone around to report when she told the yokels just who was in charge — and who wasn’t.

She told the local newspaper editor that she didn’t want reporters to interfere with a “frank” discussion of what she had in mind for saving the sage grouse and leaving the local economy to twist slowly in the wind.

Jewell’s cavalier distinctions of what constitutes a public meeting in Colorado — and what doesn’t — leaves little doubt up here in the Cheap Seats that she has no real interest in resolving the real problems the Obama administration is creating for Coloradans who depend on the public lands she administers.

Jewell’s ostensible reason for visiting might have been to talk grouse, but the real intention was to flip the bird to northwest Colorado.

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4 Responses to From the Cheap Seats: Flipping the Bird to Rural Colorado

  1. Bob Terry
    January 23, 2014 at 11:23 am

    Sally Jewell doesn’t care about the Sage Grouse or Northwest Colorado… Hey she cares about the enviro’s a lil snail darter here…Hey California sucks and still does…lets tax and cut our noses off…and it benefits no one …
    Want a good program … Whats your best Sage Grouse recipe …I am so sick of Democrats Enviro’s and the Federal Government…because they know so much really ?? I doubt it… We’re allowing Government into areas that they were never intended per our Constitution

  2. Cam Ramski
    January 23, 2014 at 7:43 pm

    It’s appalling that front range interests so wantonly impose their will on the Western Slope and other parts of rural colorado. Maybe weld county’s secession plan wasn’t wrong, after all.

  3. Jay Miles
    February 1, 2014 at 1:51 pm

    If the rural folks don’t like the political landscape in Colorado as bad as they say it is, my humble opinion is for them to sell their property and move to a state where their political views are more widely shared…Texas, Arizona, Alabama, etc. They’d be happier there after all.

    • Bob Terry
      February 3, 2014 at 2:24 pm

      I guess Jay … “all is good in Colorado per Jay”.. That’s and endosement and where are the talking points …Let’s ramp up your monthly energy bill Jay ..Hey do some of that green energy …Hey they have farms acreage…etc to power and farm up…okay lets do it the “fair” Liberal democrat way…Lets make a proportionate increase in your Bill…for your paltry parcel …OOps did that increase 100 % maybe 200 % or more .. Get real dude .. You must be a Boudlerite..or a transplanted Californian thats run away from burden…till this state goes south …Champion it up Jay … We’re all with ya on this and your talking points NOT!!!


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