From the Cheap Seats: Global Warming Fever Cools in EU

January 22, 2014
Cheap Seats wants to know, how does one say "frack" in French?

Cheap Seats wants to know, how does one say “frack” in French?

It seems that the European Union is looking for a way out of the climate-protection racket, Cheap Seats has noticed.

The European Commission is hinting that the climate protection goals it set are well, unworkable — at least if a functioning economy also is part of the deal.

Of course, the Global Warming Lobby would have you believe that the goal of “saving” the climate is based on requiring renewable energy, sort of like in Colorado, where our lawmakers rubber-stamped a controversial and expensive green energy mandate last year.

It looks as though in this case that the Euros are well ahead of the Democrat-controlled Colorado Legislature, and thinking twice about the wisdom of such mandates.

European Commission President José Manuel Barroso said that the nations in the EU will be able to decide for themselves how to pursue the goals, rather than have them dictated by a central government, as the Green Lobby would prefer.

So where are the Euros looking for help?

Natural gas, of course, and the way natural gas is found these days is by hydraulic fracturing.

Euros, of course, don’t like coal and they ran from nuclear power when the tsunami hit Japan.

So now the Euro types are looking to fracking for their idea of energy independence, and it’s Vladimir Putin from whom they’re wanting to be independent, so it’s a bit more serious there than it is for stateside enviros.

Who would have thought that the French and Spanish would be more, pardon the term, “progressive” than the ProgLuddites of Boulder, Lafayette and Broomfield?

Cheap Seats wants to know, how does one say “frack” in French?

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