From the Cheap Seats: Gore’s Global Warming Group Puts Mrs. Udall on Ice

January 8, 2014
Al Gore has announced that Maggie Fox, aka, Mrs. Sen. Mark Udall, is out at his global warming fear factory

Al Gore has announced that Maggie Fox, aka, Mrs. Sen. Mark Udall (above), is out at his global warming fear factory

It seems that Mrs. Sen. Mark Udall’s illustrious tenure at the Climate Reality Project (CRaP) has finally come a cropper.

Al “Show me more of them petrodollars” Gore has decided to dump his head of total climate alarmism, issuing a treacly statement dismissing Maggie Fox as the president and CEO of CRaP.

In a wholly unsurprising development, Gore announced he was giving Fox, aka, Mrs. Sen. Mark Udall, the old heave-ho, citing the need to “combat the climate denial cottage-industry and to foster a true social movement for climate action.”

Ironically, Big Al made his pronouncement just as the polar vortex bore down on the Midwest and eastern United States, making Chicago colder than the South Pole.  And the South Pole, as several geniuses trapped in ice they set out to prove didn’t exist have convincingly demonstrated, is really, really cold.  But we digress.

Fox, Gore said,  “will also assist me and the Climate Reality Board of Directors in selecting a leader who can harness the movement we’ve been building and take it to the next level.”

Preferably a new leader, Cheap Seats assumes, who doesn’t demand 250 large each year, as Moneybags Maggie did.

Still, Cheap Seats wonders if Al is telling us the whole story.

Perhaps the  reality (pardon the pun) is that Mrs. Sen. Mark Udall has become a liability, and an expensive one at that.  Did we mention the $250 large?

More to the point, her hubby, the sort-of aforementioned Mark Udall, is in deep CRaP, as it were, in his quest to earn re-election to the Senate — where he’s been a reliable vote for growing government and piling up debt.

Udall’s support for Obamacare is a growing liability and the old global- warming two-step is growing thin in a world that hasn’t seen warming in two decades, so someone had to go. It sure wasn’t going to be Al.  So bye-bye Maggie.

In one way, this is positive step for Mrs. Sen. Mark Udall because she’ll now have time for classes at the Baghdad Bob School of Ineffective Public Relations and can become known as Meteorology Maggie.

Just in time for the next super cold snap.

It’s called “the Gore Effect” for a reason. Next up, the Meteorology Maggie effect, where everything she touches turns to, well, CRaP.

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One Response to From the Cheap Seats: Gore’s Global Warming Group Puts Mrs. Udall on Ice

  1. Bob Terry
    January 14, 2014 at 11:07 am

    Last call Loser party of Two Loser Party of Two your table is ready


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