From the Cheap Seats: State of Desperation

January 29, 2014
The Tuesday show made it embarrassingly clear that Obama isn't stubborn. He's just , dull and unimaginative and incurious.

The Tuesday night speech made it embarrassingly clear that Obama isn’t stubborn. He’s just, dull and unimaginative and incurious.

It was with no small amount of trepidation that Cheap Seats turned on the television for the annual journey into nausea-inducing ignorance and obstinance, also known as Barry O’s state of the union hackfest.

Cheap Seats’ forethought in having strong drink at the one hand and a barf bag on the other wasn’t to go unrewarded.

It evidently didn’t occur to the little president who couldn’t that it was the height of irony to go all Chicken Little on “global warming” as much of the country was shivering.=

Florida schools are closed because of snow and cold. It was 17 degrees in the Florida panhandle. Perhaps Obama thinks Florida isn’t one of those 57 states he has so fondly discussed.

The Tuesday show made it embarrassingly clear that Obama isn’t stubborn. He’s just , dull and unimaginative and incurious.

Otherwise, he’d know that his own National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and National Weather Service, to say nothing of the British Meteorological Office, have acknowledged that the so-called global warming trend has been dead for 17 years.

A quick look at the chill map of the United States shows a wave of sub-zero temperatures stretching from North Dakota to West Virginia. Cheap Seats double-checked and those are indeed temperatures, not confidence ratings in the Obama administration, though confusion on the point is completely understandable.

The only thing no longer subject to debate — and didn’t he plagiarize that line from his previous four speeches?— is that Obama lives in a cast-iron bubble with a limited oxygen supply and doesn’t even know it.

Yet he puts his ignorance on worldwide display. No wonder the al-Qaeda types think they’re winning.

Cheap Seats reached for the barf bag when Obama took credit for the natural gas boom in America, one that came courtesy of the real geniuses who figured out how to drill horizontally and hydraulically fracture tight sands to free natural gas. Those advances came despite the Obama administration, not because of it.

Cheap Seats gasped when Obama described natural gas as a “bridge fuel.

What, are things so slow in Fort Collins that Bill Ritter has to moonlight as a speechwriter? Ritter’s bogus “bridge fuel” has long since been abandoned by even the Dems who are virulently opposed to drilling.

If he’s harkening back to Ritter for inspiration, Obama could do far better.

But the barf-bag moment had to be Obama’s you-can’t-be-serious invocation of solar power.

Does he think we’ve all forgotten Solyndra? Or Abound? Or any number of other scams that depend on cheap and easy tax dough and don’t actually produce usable, reliable energy?

Maybe it’s just that some of his cronies are running out of dough and need another infusion of tax money?

Whatever, the only renewable energy to come from the Obama administration relies on the careful use of the hot air rising from overwrought speeches like the one on Tuesday, which cost Cheap Seats a month’s supply of barf bags.

Now that it’s over, Cheap Seats can only observe that the state of Obama’s union is redolently reminiscent of John Nance Garner’s take on the vice-presidency: not worth “a warm bucket of spit.”

Which pretty much diminished Cheap Seats’ thirst for the strong brew that went untouched, unlike the barf bag.

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