Bronco’s Loss is a Win for Snowmobilers

February 5, 2014

Unique DC deal would give Snowmobilers continued access to national forests.

Unique DC deal would give Snowmobilers continued access to national forests.

WASHINGTON – The Denver Bronco’s loss on the football field Super Bowl Sunday turned into a win for snowmobile enthusiasts during a unique exchange of bipartisan cooperation among House lawmakers here Tuesday.

Colorado Democratic Rep. Jared Polis offered the amendment to a sportsman’s bill that would maintain access for snowmobilers to national forests until a winter travel management rule is finalized by the federal government.

It usually takes a bit of arm-twisting for Democrats to amend a Republican bill in the GOP-controlled House.

But Rep. Doc Hastings, Washington Republican, Seattle Seahawks fan, and chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee surprised colleagues when he offered to accept the language in exchange for a little humility on the House floor.

“If the gentleman will say the results on the gridiron in New Jersey last Sunday, if the gentleman will say that the better team won … if the gentleman will say that, I will be more than happy to accept this amendment,” Hastings said.

Carefully parsing his words, Polis responded, “I will be happy to say on the record that the better team on that particular day won.”

“There’s still some doubt about whether that was in fact the Denver Broncos that took the field,” Polis added.

Colorado Republican Rep. Cory Gardner responded to the impromptu deal. On thanking Polis on Twitter “for defending the honor of the @Broncos on House floor against @DocHastings!”

The amendment was agreed to on a voice vote. The final vote on the

Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement (SHARE) Act is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.

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