From the Cheap Seats: Enviros New Snow Job

February 11, 2014

(Photo by Zach Dischner/Foter) Enviros go pro snow.

(Photo by Zach Dischner/Foter) Enviros go pro snow.

The kiddies at CRaP, the Climate Reality Project are ever so durned proud, declaring on their web page that they are ever so “pro snow.”

Cheap Seats was unaware that the no-snow militia was massing at the Mexican border, ready to drive north to melt the ardor of the Eskimos, who Cheap Seats presumes are the original pro-snow types.

Be that as it may, CRaP is once again perpetrating a snow job.

See, the United States is extraordinarily cold, to say nothing of blanketed – with snow.

More than two-thirds of the United States was covered with snow in early February.

And it’s growing more pro snow.

Back on Dec. 13, 2013, only half of the country was buried under the kind of  wintertime precipitation that CRaP says it loves ever so much.

So, Cheap Seats guesses that makes the United States pro-snow.

And if there is snow, there is cold.

Just ask the people who live around the Great Lakes, better known of late as the world’s largest ice rinks.

Lake Superior is 92 percent frozen, reflecting the biggest cold snap in 20 years, or back when Superior was 91 percent frozen over.

If this kind of trend keeps up, they’ll start driving trucks on ice roads over the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

If this is the trend that CRaP is worried about, then it won’t be long before the Olympics is running the downhill in Dallas and CRaP will have to find a new kind of Game.

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