From the Cheap Seats: Hudak’s Blame Game has Dems in Recall Denial

February 3, 2014

Sen. Evie Hudak blames sexism for recall effort.

Sen. Evie Hudak blames sexism for recall effort.

We at Cheap Seats grow weary of the Democrats’ excuses on why they lost last year’s historic recall battles, the latest coming from former state Sen. Evie Hudak.

“Hudak Blames Sexism on Political Fall,” reads the Jan. 28 headline in the Colorado Statesman.

The article reports that Hudak is claiming sexism played a role in the recall effort against her, which she cut short by resigning in November, and that she and former state Sen. Angela Giron were treated worse than Senate President John Morse during last year’s recall drives.

“There’s a whole sexist thing out there and women still aren’t taken as equal,” Hudak told the Colorado Reproductive Freedom Coalition. “And the fight must go on.”

Sorry, but we’re calling baloney on this one. Much as the Democrats would like to explain their devastating defeats by crying sexism, racism and voter suppression (pick one), the facts are not on their side, as Hudak might say.

Hudak was singled out because, first, voters were in an uproar after Democrats rammed through three gun-control bills on party-line votes after cutting off testimony from hundreds of gun owners, and second, because she was easily the most vulnerable of the Senate Democrats. She barely won reelection in 2012 even though a Libertarian candidate siphoned thousands of votes from Republican Lang Sias.

Then she painted a target on her back by telling a rape victim during a March hearing that “statistics are not on your side even if you had a gun.”

In fact, Hudak was lucky that the first attempt to recall her failed to get off the ground. If she had been on the Sept. 10 ballot with Giron and Morse, there’s little doubt that she would have lost and that Republicans would have captured control of the Senate.

Giron tried the same tactic during the recall, saying she was targeted because some people felt threatened by her “being a Latina and being in this position of authority.” By that logic, state Reps. Libby Szabo (R-Arvada) and Clarice Navarro-Ratzlaff (R-Pueblo) should have been up for recall, except that, oh, right, they voted against the gun-control bills.

We can’t help but wonder why all this simmering anti-Latina bias didn’t surface in 2010 during Giron’s successful state Senate run.

After she was defeated, Giron pointed to “voter suppression” saying that turnout would have been higher if her supporters had been able to vote by mail. Of course, her opponents had no problem making it to the voting booths.

Then there’s the inconvenient fact that Morse also lost the recall election — and he’s a white male. Hudak says he wasn’t subject to the same vicious emails that she and Giron received, and while we have no idea if that’s true, a quick glance at the Recall John Morse page on Facebook shows that he wasn’t exactly treated like visiting royalty.

“Pathological liar,” “ass-clown,” “mindless drone,” “elitist moron,” and “piece of garbage” are some of the more printable insults aimed at Morse during the campaign.

Hudak also fails to mention that she wasn’t a helpless victim during the recall drive. She and the other Democrats raised huge sums of money, far more than their foes, and enjoyed the help of ground troops from labor unions and Organizing for America, formerly the Obama campaign.

We at Cheap Seats submit that Hudak, Giron and Morse are now ex-senators for one simple reason: They listened to the wrong people.

Instead of listening to their constituents, who were clearly livid over the gun bills, Democrats were led to believe that they were invincible because they had big-money donors like New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg in their corner.

It turns out they were wrong. One of these days, we’d like to hear the Democrats drop the excuses and admit that they have only themselves to blame for the recalls.

But we’re not counting on it.

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2 Responses to From the Cheap Seats: Hudak’s Blame Game has Dems in Recall Denial

  1. Bob Terry
    February 3, 2014 at 1:54 pm

    Sexism …racism…you don’t like or think I am good enough’ism.. Yeah you were your own Liberal I’ll jamb it up you butt style…cost you your position. Not only for the ones on your side, ..but credibility overall …

    She was there to represent …not roll over for the party agenda … She drank deeply from the well…and like a sobering individual ..”what happened?”

    I think the majority of the people…are sick of the Liberal Democrat view…Hickenlooper … same way, although he is not as condescending or brash ..

    Sorry Evie …ya screwed it up …but you can be on your Computer etc ..and no one will notice

  2. jinarvada
    February 16, 2014 at 5:58 am

    I’m glad you finally acknowledge some of the hateful, but printable, posts on the Recall Morse Facebook page. All three senators were subjected to outrageous commentary and the gun supporters wished them to be victims of horrible crimes and even death. One post on Recall Hudak Too even wished she would just cut her throat and die to spare the district the cost of a recall election. During the time these pages were active, none of the press, particularly not the conservative press, even cared about the insanely profane and violent imagery these posters demonstrated. In fact some of you act like it was perfectly normal behavior and justified. Great people in the gun advocate crowd. Of course, there were many worse too obscene to print in your current story. But the ones you quote here do not compare to the profane and violent and misogynistic posts that the Recall Hudak Too organizers allowed to be posted. They often wished the Senator would get raped, or her daughter get raped so she would know how it feels. They made horrible comments about her looks, things that rarely are directed at men. But women are always subjected to an unflattering assessment of their appearance when they are put through these mob attacks. Over and over again. Now that is sexist.


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