From the Cheap Seats: Jeffco Super Used Richie Incognito Style

February 17, 2014
Richie Incognito tactics at Jeffco schools.

Richie Incognito tactics at Jeffco schools.

Cheap Seats feels for the kids in the Jeffco schools who up until now have had the academic equivalent of Richie Incognito running the show.

Outgoing superintendent Cindy Stevenson is the Incognito doppelgänger who made rogue Miami Dolphins football players look like choirboys.

Stevenson was hauling in Mrs. Sen. Mark Udall-like dough, $200 large per annum, when she complained she was “forced out” by the new conservative majority on the Jeffco board.

One would think that Stevenson and Maggie Fox — now better known as Mrs. “You Can’t” Mark Udall — might be palling around in the unemployment lines for the next 99 weeks, or forever, whichever comes first.

But Stevenson had other plans.

She had already latched onto a new job with the Colorado Association of School Executives that lobbies for more and bigger money for the likes of Stevenson in her previous life.

Cheap Seats wonders if Stevenson’s new deal gives her a cut of that action or if she’s working on a straight salary?

Be that as it may, Stevenson got herself another gig, even as she attacked the newly elected majority that is looking to pay her through the end of her contract, and even though she is breaking that contract early.

A pretty harsh and unyielding bunch this new majority — ain’t.

The Jeffco teachers’ union thugs responded by using their public-payroll jobs to do a little union organizing in the classroom.

A student at Lakewood High School told Mike Rosen on KOA that his English teacher showed a union video, “Dr. Stevenson Forced Out,” and castigated the reform-minded board to a captive audience of impressionable young minds, which was of course the idea.

It makes what Richie Incognito did to a teammate look pretty lame in comparison.

If this was the kind of behavior the Colorado Association of School Executives wanted Stevenson to foster, then Cheap Seats thinks Jeffco is just an early front in a very long fight, in which the likes of Richie Incognito act more professionally than our “professional” educators.

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One Response to From the Cheap Seats: Jeffco Super Used Richie Incognito Style

  1. Brian McFarlane
    February 18, 2014 at 2:34 pm

    Jeffco should not be paying out Stevenson’s contract, she approached them to leave early. I suppose she could have 3 months of sick/personal/vacation time accrued that will take her thru the end of the contract SHE asked to be released from. From what I understand the board is not obligated to pay the remaining, as the decision for her leaving early was not unilateral?


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