From the Cheap Seats: Obama Kidnapped by Aliens!

February 21, 2014
(Photo credit: Alien selfie) Is the media biased against undeserved populations?

(Photo credit: Alien selfie) Is the media biased against undeserved populations?

Never one to let a simple proscription — “Shall make no law” — get in the way of plans for galactic domination, or at least shutting up those troublesome conservatives, the Obama administration wants to get into the nation’s newsrooms so it can “learn” how news decisions are made.

The “Multi-Market Study of Critical Information Needs” plans to send bureaucrats into the news business to interrogate reporters, editors, publishers, anchors, and station owners about how they decide what stories they publish or air.

If that conjures up the image of Inspector Clouseau that’s only half the problem — this Inspector Clouseau has the ruthless spite of the Obama administration motivating it so it’s not to be taken for laughs.

In fact, the project is supposed to be intimidating.

Journalists are expected to cough up information about the “process by which stories are selected,” according to the study.

What, the geniuses haven’t figured out “If it bleeds, it leads” and why that is?

And please, no one tell those clowns that a hint of sex sells stories. The problem most journalists face is that it’s mostly difficult to get that element into a story about a city council discussing sewer rate hikes.

Why do they think stories about Bill Clinton, Hell, any story about “Slick Willie” sells?

It ain’t because he brought peace to the universe. It was because he “did not have sexual relations” with that woman 20 years his junior.

And by the way, he certainly did and everyone knows it.

Is the news business really too subtle for them to figure out? Are we their next experiment in “transparency?”

Journalists would be expected to explain how news outlets provide “critical information needs,” meaning they will be expected to prostate themselves before the Democrat Party because it’s the arbiter of “critical information.”

Guess where the tea party will fit into “critical information needs?” Or the way the IRS treats the voices of political opposition?

And of course, journalists will have to declare their “perceived bias” and “perceived responsiveness to underserved populations.”

You don’t have to be Jason Bourne to figure out that this is a threat, and not a thinly veiled one.

The Federal Communications Commission is the vehicle for the totalitarian vision of control over media, which pretty much fits in with the way the rest of the federal government operates.

After all, the FCC has as much to do with facilitating communication as the Department of Energy has to do with producing energy.

Which is to say in both cases, less than nothing.

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