From The Cheap Seats: Udall’s Inconvenient Truth

February 18, 2014
Thanks to Sen. Mark “You Can’t” Udall, Jo Donlin can’t do her job.

Thanks to Sen. Mark “You Can’t” Udall, Jo Donlin can’t do her job.

Sen. Mark “You Can’t” Udall is riding a hot streak.

In his most recent run of luck, the senator who specializes in telling Coloradans what they’re not allowed to do has added a new item to his “You Can’t” list  – Jo Donlin, administrator for the Division of Insurance, can’t do her job anymore.

Donlin is the bureaucrat who said that “You Can’t” Udall’s office was telling her she couldn’t tell the truth about the number of health insurance policy cancellations caused by “You Can’t” Udall’s Obamacare mandates.

When it became clear that Obamacare was telling people they couldn’t have what they wanted, “You Can’t” Udall told Donlin “You can’t tell.”

Donlin went so far as to complain that “You Can’t” Udall was “trashing” the truth.

“Sen. Udall says our numbers were wrong,” Donlin wrote her soon-to-be former coworkers.

“They are not wrong. Cancellation notices affected 249,199 people. (Udall’s staff) want to trash our numbers,” Donlin explained.

Well, “You can’t” Udall can’t have that.

So Donlin is headed to the Division of Professions and Occupations where she will work as a health-care adviser.

Cheap Seats hopes Donlin’s change of heart works out for her, but the fact remains that she told an inconvenient truth, one that “You Can’t” Udall wants kept under wraps.

If it’s up to Cheap Seats, “You Can’t” Udall can’t do it.

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