From the Cheap Seats: Can Clinton save Udall?

March 3, 2014
Dems dissing Obama, counting on Clinton for reelection strategy.

Dems dissing Obama, counting on Clinton for reelection strategy.

Cheap Seats is getting quite the giggle out of Harry Reid’s suggestion that Sen. Mark Udall get a little help from his friend, Bill “Mind If I Grope Your Daughter?” Clinton.

Reid suggested that Bill “Devil Loves a Blue Dress” Clinton might be of greater help to Udall this year than would be President Barack “Choom Gang” Obama.

Sounds as though Reid thinks an appearance from Obama would be one toke over the line.

Think about that. Obama, in the view of the senator from Sin City, would be a drag on the ticket in the home of legal weed.

Cheap Seats, however, sees Reid’s point.

Obama has driven hundreds of thousands of Coloradans off the health insurance they liked, is hollowing out the Colorado Springs economy with his military cuts, keeping trillions of civic feet of natural gas off limits in western Colorado and running on his rep in downtown Denver.

Cheap Seats thinks the only Colorado Dem who might welcome Obama’s help is Rep. Diana Duh-Gette, a senator in her own somewhat feeble mind, but not exactly a political genius or Colorado asset.

Now  “You Can’t” Udall has to deal with a challenger in the form of Cory Gardner and Cheap Seats suspects that Udall won’t be able to rely on his profile and silver ‘do to convince voters that he belongs in the Senate.

If he has to lean on Clinton to get out the vote while keeping the president outside the state, isn’t that an admission his reelection is in serious jeopardy?

Perhaps Cheap Seats is missing the big picture — a stealth campaign that is counting on his core constituency to be too busy withdrawing cash on their welfare cards at pot shops to notice.

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