From the Cheap Seats: Democrats’ March Madness

March 31, 2014

Cheap Seats has noticed that the FBI is being kept awfully busy dealing with the (allegedly) criminal antics of Democratic office holders.

In a single day last week, a California state senator and candidate for secretary of state of the Golden State got himself arrested, along with a Chinatown gangster, on charges of public corruption.

Not to be outdone in the Empire State, Assemblyman William Scarborough, a Queens Democrat, got to meet FBI agents in a hotel room after his offices in Queens and Albany were raided. Seems the FBI was interested in the per diem payments made to legislators.

Next was Patrick Cannon, the mayor of Charlotte, N.C., who was arrested on public corruption charges of theft and bribery as a result of a four-year FBI sting operation.

Seems that Wednesday wasn’t exactly out of the ordinary for March.

The Democratic speaker of the Rhode Island House, Gordon Fox, saw his home and office raided earlier this month.

March also was a bad month for Illinois state Rep. Keith Farnham, whose home and office were raided by FBI agents searching for evidence “pertaining to the possession, receipt or distribution of child pornography.”

Cheap Seats can hear the ProgLuddites whining that the FBI is singling out Dems, but the better question is just how many Democrats would be under investigation if the Justice Department were being led by someone other than Eric Holder, the most partisan attorney general in history.

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