From the Cheap Seats: Obama Plays Checkers with Russia

March 5, 2014
President Obama’s pledge is coming full circle.

President Obama’s pledge is coming full circle.

If Cheap Seats weren’t a believer in human freedom and dignity, the president’s latest foray into play-acting as a leader would be hilarious.

Barack “After my election I have more flexibility” Obama is learning the price of flexibility, if indeed he is capable of learning.

Cheap Seats rather doubts it.

To understand Cheap Seats’ skepticism, let’s recall some of Barry the Feckless’ finest moments.

It was in March 26, 2012, that Obama snuggled up to Russian President Dmitri Medvedev to tell the Russian that he couldn’t wait to surrender.

“This is my last election,” Obama cooed into Medvedev’s ear. “After my election I have more flexibility.”

He was presumed to have been discussing his interest in ditching American nuclear superiority, but now it looks like Obama was going for total supplication.

But now Medvedev’s boss, former KGB goon Vladimir Putin, has decided to start rebuilding the United Soviet Socialist Republic.

Obama, presumably thrilled with the prospect of restoring socialism to its Soviet glory days, said Putin ought not go invading Ukraine, occupying the Crimean Peninsula and also really should eat his broccoli.

Why, Putin had taken action in “clear violation” of Ukraine’s sovereignty, Obama said.

Don’t laugh. A) It’s likely that Putin did, uproariously, and B) It’s not as though Obama has ever demonstrated such a keen grasp of the obvious.

Having laid down the law, Obama had something to do other than meet with his national security team, according to Time magazine writer Zeke Miller’s Twitter feed.

However, Obama was briefed by Susan Rice.

Cheap Seats feels so much better knowing that. We can hardly wait to find out which obscure, unseen YouTube video will get the blame for Putin’s adventurism.


Rest assured, some poor sap will rot in an American prison and Putin will get a state dinner in Washington, D.C., before this episode is over.


After all, it’s how Obama operates.


Which is why the hilarity is so lacking in what would normally be a comedy of errors.


With Obama in charge, it’s more like a parade of terrors.

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