From the Cheap Seats: The Left’s Unhinged Attacks on the GOP

March 4, 2014
The GOP’s Bob Beauprez is already in the political left’s crosshairs.

The GOP’s Bob Beauprez is already in the political left’s crosshairs.

Colorado lefties are in danger of losing what little credibility they have remaining with their overwrought hyperbole on the Republican gubernatorial candidates.

The latest example: ProgressNow’s hysterical screed Monday denouncing Bob Beauprez’s entrance into the race for the GOP nomination for governor as a “joke.”

“For Beauprez to enter the crowded Republican gubernatorial race now is a slap in the face of every other conservative candidate in that race–especially considering Beauprez is no more viable a contender for governor than Tom Tancredo or anyone else,” said ProgressNow executive director Amy Runyon-Harms.

It’s touching to know that Runyon-Harms is so deeply concerned about the feelings of the other Republican candidates, but we at Cheap Seats can’t help but think the lady doth protest too much–way too much.

Let’s remember that Beauprez, a former congressman, showed he can appeal to Democrats and independents by winning election twice in the evenly split 7th Congressional District before leaving to run for governor in 2006.

If Beauprez were truly a non-factor, we suspect she wouldn’t be quite so determined to tear down his candidacy before he can even issue an announcement.

We had the same feeling shortly after the Denver Post’s Republican primary debate, when we saw the libs at ColoradoPols and ProgressNow Minister of Propaganda Alan Franklin rip into Mike Kopp’s performance.

The camera may not love Kopp like it loves Greg Brophy—and let’s face it, Brophy has been irresistible in these debates—but Kopp is a serious candidate who delivered a solid performance at the Post forum. Of course, you wouldn’t know that from listening to the left’s post-debate commentary.

Pols insisted that Kopp was “downright awful,” while Franklin said in a post-debate interview with the Denver Post’s Kurtis Lee that Kopp “was just kind of soft and muddled and didn’t really powerfully articulate a position that would rally people to him.”

Franklin added, “And I’m saying this impartially, really.”

After we stopped laughing at Franklin’s hilarious vow of objectivity, we put two and two together and concluded that the left had a game plan going into the debate, namely that Kopp would be declared the loser no matter what he said or did.

Why? We’re not the first to observe that Kopp may be the candidate most feared by Democrats. His steady, unflappable demeanor doesn’t lend itself to the attack ads that are the bread-and-butter of the Colorado Democrats’ campaign strategy.

As we watch ProgressNow maneuver to discredit the Republican candidates, we can’t help but wonder how this group maintains its tax-exempt status despite its blatant anti-GOP agenda. Then we remembered that the Obama administration’s Internal Revenue Service only targets Tea Party groups and conservatives, not thinly disguised Democratic Party wolves in sheep’s clothing.

We advise voters to remember that the left has an agenda for the 2014 election that has nothing to do with helping vet the candidates and everything to do with forcing its radical agenda on Colorado. Something to bear in mind the next time ProgressNow takes an unprovoked shot at a Republican.

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