From the Cheap Seats: Whale Oil and the Hot Airathon

March 11, 2014
Hot Air Caucus pulls all-nighter campaignathon.

Hot Air Caucus pulls all-nighter campaignathon.

As a wise man has noted, Cheap Seats will start taking climate change seriously when the alarmists do.

Speaking of alarmists, 28 senators including Mr. Maggie Fox pulled an all-night harangue Monday about global warming.

If the Hot Air Caucus had showed up with hurricane lamps filled with whale oil to illuminate their way to the lectern in the well of the Senate, Cheap Seats might have been inclined to take their comments with a bit more than a grain of salt.

Perish the thought.

The Hot Air Caucus had lots of charts, which made Cheap Seats wonder if they had captured the ghost of Ross Perot, and klieg lights, lots of klieg lights.

Cheap Seats is pretty certain that klieg lights aren’t exactly climate-conscious appliances.

In fact, neither are the members of the Hot Air Caucus.

To be fair, they call themselves the “Climate Change Caucus” and what they lack in intellectual honesty they make up for in climate hypocrisy.

While Sen. Mark Udall and the Hot Air Caucus bellowed on for the cameras (Hey, doesn’t that require that electricity stuff powered with filthy coal?), the rest of the country was still reeling from the record cold of three, count ‘em, three polar vortices.

To hear Udall and the Hot Air Caucus, you’d think the Great Lakes were basically hot tubs boiling off in the heat of climate change.

But they’re not. In fact, the Great Lakes are more than 90 percent frozen.

The Hot Air Caucus won’t be talking about facts like the freezing of the Great Lakes, or this remarkably cold winter, or the two-decade stability of global temperatures.

Why it was only in 2008 that Al “Show me the Petrobucks” Gore was telling audiences that the North Pole would melt away in five years.

By Gore’s reckoning, Santa should be treading water by now.

Santa is just fine though and so are his elves, while Gore is a couple hundred million bucks richer these days.

Mrs. Sen. Mark Udall, Maggie Fox, also packed in a fair share of that dough at a $250,000 large per annum clip.

Cheap Seats suspects that the Hot Air Caucus is most interested in keeping the gravy train on the rails.

And when the Hot Air Caucus starts treating the climate seriously, so will Cheap Seats.

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One Response to From the Cheap Seats: Whale Oil and the Hot Airathon

  1. Tony's Beard
    March 11, 2014 at 7:11 pm

    It’s pretty evident Udall and Co. are all about the green. Just not the kind of green they want us to think, that’s for sure.


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