From the Cheap Seats: Where’d the Snow Go?

March 10, 2014

Charlie Rose predicts the end is near, for snow.

One has to go back to 1978 to find a winter in which more of North America was covered with snow.

Just nobody tell the weather wonders at CBS, which has opined that the end is nigh.

The end of snow, of course, and skiing.

Why, the oh-so-knowledgeable Charlie Rose, he of the large wooden (aka formerly living tree) table opined that winter sports could be doomed.

Cheap Seats kids you not.

No more skis, no more sleds.

Ice skaters? Triple duds.

Toboggans? Gone.

Charlie, a Rose by any other name could not be more wrong.

While Rose was opining, the facts were piling up in drifts across the United States, drifts of deep, cold snow, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Ice Center.

Only the snow covers in 1969 and 1978 have been more extensive than this year.

In the United States alone, more than half the nation is snow covered, the most for March 5 in at least the last 10 years, according to the ice center.

And the Great Lakes are on the rocks, as it were.

Ninety-one percent of the Great Lakes are ice covered. Only one other year in the recorded history of the lakes have had a higher percentage of ice.

Somehow all those facts escaped the crack crew at CBS, leaving Cheap Seats to assume that the operative part of the network name is, well, BS.

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