More Colorado Insurance Losses Under Obamacare

March 19, 2014
Senate Minority Leader Bill Cadman

Senate Minority Leader Bill Cadman

Another 1,755 Colorado residents had their health-insurance policies cancelled in February as a result of Obamacare, according to the latest figures from the Colorado Division of Insurance.

The information was released Tuesday by the Colorado Senate Republicans, who have asked the division for a monthly report on the number of cancellations per county.

That brings the total to 337,241 cancellations in Colorado since the Affordable Care Act’s roll-out began last year.

Senate Minority Leader Bill Cadman said in a statement the growing number of cancelled policies is placing a financial strain on Coloradans.

“Thousands of Colorado families who were already struggling in this lagging economy will now also have to deal with having their insurance policy cancelled due to Obamacare,” said Cadman.

“Democrats promised Coloradans that if they like their health care plan they can keep it — clearly this isn’t the case. Colorado’s Senate Republicans will continue to fight for more transparency in government so that our citizens can see the impact laws passed out of Denver and Washington have on their lives,” Cadman said.

Senate Republicans asked for a monthly tabulation last month following a flap in which Sen. Mark Udall’s staff was accused of pressuring division regulators to redo their cancellation figures.

State insurance regulator Jo Donlin said in a Nov. 14 email that Udall’s office was trying to “trash our numbers,” according to documents obtained through an open-records request by Complete Colorado.

Polls show the Affordable Care Act is unpopular with Colorado voters. A Rasmussen Reports poll released March 10 found 54 percent view the health-care law unfavorably, versus 42 percent who view it favorably.

A spokesman for the Democrat Udall, who voted in favor of Obamacare, noted at the time that the vast majority of Coloradans have received offers for new policies that meet the sweeping health care law’s more stringent requirements.

Critics counter that those policies are often more expensive and have higher deductibles than the policies they are intended to replace.

Meanwhile, Americans for Prosperity-Colorado launched a $970,000 ad campaign Monday in the Denver and Colorado Springs markets criticizing Udall’s support for Obamacare.

The latest insurance division figures show that 1,720 of the 1,755 cancellations were from non-grandfathered individual policies offered by the Kaiser Foundation Health Care Plan of Colorado.

The counties with the most reported cancellations were Denver with 460, Arapahoe with 324, Jefferson with 312, Adams with 257, and Boulder with 197.

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