New Era Colorado Recruits “Badass” Kids to Fight Fossil Fuel, Promote Liberal Campaigns

March 11, 2014
New Era Colorado is gearing up for political boot camp. (

New Era Colorado is gearing up for political boot camp. (

DENVER – New Era is hunting for a few “democracy fellows” described as “badass” college kids in Colorado to register voters, advocate for issues such as green energy and elect like-minded candidates.

Like other liberal groups, they’ve found a recruiting niche through CSU Boulder’s Environmental Studies that promotes climate change, global warming and progressive causes.

In addition to left-leaning initiatives, New Era works to elect Democrats such as Sen. Mark Udall, Rep. Jared Polis and state legislators, particularly Rep. Brittany Pettersen of Lakewood, a New Era field director.

“If you know a badass young person who we’d just love, now’s the time to nominate that person!” states the blast email from New Era Colorado. “If you yourself are a badass young person: time to get to work on that application!”

“This program is designed for passionate, driven young folks, college students and recent grads,” pitches New Era. “It’ll be kinda like bootcamp … without the boots, and without most of the mud.”

The summer program will “train even more talented young leaders to step up and claim our generation’s seat at the table.”

New Era’s recruitment mimics MoveOn’s talent search for elite “fracking fighter” warriors to help promote a ban on the fracturing process used in oil and gas production. The groups might have parallel goals, but they’re both on the frontline of the battle to mandate green energy – and eliminate tapping fossil fuels.

“New Era is one of the most exciting efforts to happen to Colorado politics in years,” said Michael Huttner, founder of Progress Now. “They have a secret weapon: making politics both fun and effective. It’s extremely refreshing – and powerful.”

“People don’t really know how to describe New Era Colorado, people with curse words on their shirts?” admits Steve Fenberg, New Era executive director, on a promotional video.

The documentary includes a sign, “If I wanted the government in my womb, I’d f-ck a Senator,” waved by a New Era demonstrator who apparently was concerned that Obamacare’s health coverage for abortion or birth control could be stripped by conservatives.

In fact, New Era seems to encourage provocative ploys like making “Vote F*cker” buttons, and producing signs that broadcast, “Find Your F*cking Polling Place, here!”

The eye-popping slogans aim to attract, register and convert kids on college campuses in Boulder and metro Denver.

“Lobbying isn’t slimy when it’s in the public’s best interest,” asserts New Era, which equates its efforts to “mud wrestling.”

New Era boasts of helping to write and pass legislation for online voter registration, in-state college tuition for undocumented students, Boulder’s initiatives for “clean power” and independence from Excel Energy which actually has one of the rare “platinum” rated LEEDs green energy buildings, and the “fake doctors for real reform” campaign to pass Obamacare.

Generally unknown to Colorado taxpayers is that CU Boulder advertises jobs associated with liberal groups such as New Era and Grassroots Campaigns as well as climate change film festivals, courses, environmental music and internships for the Governors’ Climate & Forest Task Force in Brazil.

The curriculum includes “Environmental Monitoring in an Era of Global Change,” a course that offers a review of historical environmental policies and examines environmental change affecting the Mississippi Delta, snowpack in the San Juan Mountains, vanishing honey bees and the “truth” about wildland fires and floods in Colorado.

“We will pose tough questions to oil execs about climate change (and get answers),” asserts instructor Tyler Jones.

Since December, the CU Boulder website has advertised paid positions and internships offered by New Era and the Grassroots Campaign, whose top clients include the Democratic Party National Committee, Colorado Democratic Party, MoveOn, Common Cause, Amnesty International, the League of Conservation Voters and Center for American Progress.

Grassroots Campaign, which helped elect President Barack Obama, currently is offering $24,000 salaries for field director positions to organize, fundraise and manage canvassers in this election cycle. The “campaign hours can run 60 – 80 hours a week,” according to the ad, but it comes with an “opt into health care plan.”

It’s not clear whether that’s private health coverage or Obamacare.

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3 Responses to New Era Colorado Recruits “Badass” Kids to Fight Fossil Fuel, Promote Liberal Campaigns

  1. Bob Terry
    March 11, 2014 at 12:58 pm

    Same old polotic, same old rhetoric… Talk a bunch, and don’t carry through. Yeah vulgar slang stuff…let’s get the uninformed in the process. It won’t matter, cause the SOS will be front and center. Okay there are a bunch of alternative energy, and the supposition that we’ll be and continue to relay on fossil fuel, is that supposition.

    Where is the reliable alternative energy. Right there is non. Solydra, that Uncle Barack, supported at our 500 billion expense bellied up right after the money was in hand. There is a Colorado company that did the same thing. The time will come, but now is not the time.

    Udall was crying the “Woe is Me/Us” in the Senate late last night. He is not for jobs, or energy, he is for democrat agenda. He is so far up Obama’s behind, it is disgusting and nauseating. This is the crap we have to battle and overcome.
    The same old characters, the radical left…Politically correct, looking out for you at your expense, whether it works or not….usually NOT! And you’ll cow tow to our desires … screw ‘em Vote these losers out

  2. Robert Michaels
    March 11, 2014 at 3:08 pm

    Fire the Liars in 2014

  3. Dan Defoe
    March 11, 2014 at 6:29 pm

    badass??? Give me a break. Most enviros are pants pooping pajama boy rejects from Occupy.


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