Cheap Seats: Christie Insults Colorado?

April 28, 2014

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie

The old joke goes that California has the most lawyers in the nation, New Jersey the most hazardous waste.


New Jersey got first choice.

So does that explain Chris Christie?

New Jersey’s governor seems to have decided that Colorado will be his whipping boy, which makes sense if he was questioning the wisdom of sending the likes of Mark Udall to the U.S. Senate, or for going anti-gun-nut wacko under the genius of the likes of John Morse.

But Christie insulted Colorado’s quality of life.

A state that is home to Tony Soprano and Snookie is looking down on Aspen, Breckenridge, and Vail? The governor of the ever-bummer life is slighting the Never Summers?

How many New Jersey types come to Colorado to run the Colorado River? To fly-fish in our clear mountain streams? See mountains from 60 miles away? Purple mountain majesties come from Colorado, Gov. Christie.

Mike Kopp had it right in last week’s debate: “Getting advice from the governor of New Jersey on quality of life is like getting advice from the cast of ‘Jersey Shore’ on dating.”

On the other hand, Coloradans go to New Jersey in order to fully appreciate the wonder of Ethiopia. Relaxing on the Jersey shore has been favorably compared, but not by much, to traction.

And then there’s the food. Christie so loved it he got a lap band, presumably to limit his ingestion of environmental toxins, to say nothing of whatever they reject as unfit in New York City.

And who is Chris Christie to lecture anyone on politics anyway?

This is the same guy who held hands with President Barack Obama, giving the president critical credibility in the run up to an election. Christie says he got chummy with Obama on behalf of his own constituents. Okay, fine.

But if you want to run for president, why marginalize Colorado Republicans, Gov. Christie?

Ronald Reagan famously gave Republicans the 11th Commandment — speak no ill of fellow Republicans.

Chris Christie ought to take that sentiment to heart. Don’t speak ill of other states, lest their residents remember when you need their support. and yes, governor, your remarks are duly noted.

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