Colorado GOP Launches Social Media Campaign

April 16, 2014
Colorado Republican Committee Chairman Ryan Call

Colorado Republican Committee Chairman Ryan Call

DENVER – The Democrats have their brigades of anti-fracking fighters and New Era activists, Colorado Republicans introduced their own social media campaign at the Republican State Assembly in Boulder last weekend.

The GOP’s video and smart media campaign called “What’s your story?” included attendees who stood in long lines to participate and relate their personal stories in front of video cameras.

Organizers set up photo and video booths in the hall of the Coors Event Center where delegates and guests could snap a picture and talk about why they would vote Republican this year.

They were also encouraged to share their experiences through Twitter, Facebook and other social media with the hashtag #IVoteRepublican. Officials later said the campaign resulted in 1.8 million impressions.

“We have to do a better job of explaining what the Republican Party stands for; that’s why we started this campaign,” Colorado Republican Committee Chairman Ryan Call said.

“It’s clear that this campaign is already encouraging Coloradans from all walks of life to explain that to their friends, family and coworkers,” said Call.

To launch the campaign, the GOP released videos of three Coloradans explaining why they vote Republican, including “The Voice” contestant and minister Biff Gore; snowboarder and small business owner Braden Wahr; and Blanca Pyle who tells her inspirational story of how she immigrated to the U.S. and worked her way to become a physician assistant.

“Coloradans from all walks of life vote Republican, and we’re not going to let Sen. Mark Udall and his out-of-state special interests define who we are,” Call said.  “The GOP is the Great Opportunity Party and that means opportunity for everyone.”

Others can post their testimony on why they are Republican at

This is just the beginning, said Owen Loftus, communications director of the state GOP. More testimonies will be featured soon.

The videotaped testimonials, he said, were the inspiration of Sara Truppo, a former finance director of the state party.

“Republicans can define who they are,” said Loftus, instead of being described by Democrats. If you try to describe Republicans, he said, “It’s a diverse group of people from all walks of life and all ages.”

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