From the Cheap Seats: What is the Scholar’s Job?

April 8, 2014

Not exactly imaginative, the junior Buffs of Boulder.

Giving credit where it’s deserved, though, the Buffsters have mastered the art of obfuscation, buzzwords and assertive ignorance.

Cheap Seats speaks of the less-than-stellar response of the student government president of student affairs (No, Cheap Seats doesn’t know if that’s the same as student body president) and the student government director of safety and inclusion (Just guessing here, but Cheap Seats suspects this job is pointless given the planned closure of the campus on 4-20).

These two, aka Chris Schaefbauer (the president of whatever) and Caitlin Pratt (the wannabe 4-20 czar(ina?) bravely confronted someone who thinks differently. Schaefbauer and Pratt took to the airwaves to complain about CU conservative scholar Steven Hayward’s “oppressive and discriminatory” ideas.

Oh yes, “oppressive.”

Seems Hayward wrote regarding the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community: “LGBTQRSTUW (or whatever letters have been added lately).”

Cheap Seats was of course shocked at such coarse disregard for the tender and sacrosanct feelings of those special, special, humor-impaired people.

“These comments invalidate the lived realities of transgender individuals and mock the LGBTQ community as a whole,” Schaefbauer and Pratt wrote in a letter. “It is not Steven Hayward’s job to determine whether or not someone’s identity is valid: it is his job to contribute to a campus environment where everyone is respected and valued.”

Actually, it’s Hayward’s job to challenge students to think.

It’s CU’s job to make sure the opportunity for growth and expansion occurs. It’s done so with Hayward’s hiring.

When two students with overblown ideas of their own importance work to undermine that goal rather than appreciate a rather humorous point, it only proves the old Colorado adage: You can lead a Buff to water, but you can’t make it think.

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