Lamborn: Senate Bucks Tough Stances for Donors

April 3, 2014
Rep. Doug Lamborn

Rep. Doug Lamborn

WASHINGTON – Rep. Doug Lamborn on Wednesday blasted the Democratic-controlled Senate for blocking 220 bills passed by the House aimed mostly at creating jobs and boosting the economy as he dubbed the upper chamber a “productivity graveyard.”

“Senate Democrats’ sole concern seems to be with protecting themselves from taking votes, recorded votes that might anger their liberal donors or their voters,” the Colorado Republican said during a floor speech.

“They do this by closing off debate, eliminating amendments and writing their bills in secret shutting out Republican voices and input,” Lamborn said.

Since the current congressional session started in January 2013, the House has sent a total of 331 bills to the Senate. In stark contrast, the Senate has passed 67 votes on measures that were then sent to the House.

Of those, President Barack Obama signed into law 24 bills that originated in the Senate, and 91 bills that were first passed by the House.

“When anyone says it is a do-nothing Congress, they are only half right — it’s actually a do nothing Senate,” Lamborn said.

“I’m not saying that passing bills is of itself an unalloyed good – Obamacare is a primary example of that,” Lamborn said. “But it’s one way to measure how hard you’re working.”

“This broken and dysfunctional Democrat Senate has produced many disasters for the American people and not just Obamacare,” Lamborn said.

In particular, Lamborn cited the Senate’s block on a half-dozen bills that originated in the House Natural Resources Committee that would open up energy development, created more than one million jobs, lowered gas and electricity prices, reduced dependence on foreign oil and generated $1 billion in new revenue.

“Don’t let the president or (Senate Majority Leader) Harry Reid fool you with false narratives that those rascally Republicans are holding up the nation’s business — this is just another gimmick to shift the blame away from where it really lies,” Lamborn said.

“Our country deserves better,” Lamborn said. “Bills that would grow our economy and put millions of our friends and neighbors back to work should never die in the depths of the Democratic Senate,” Lamborn said.

“It is critical for every single American to let Senate Democrats know that they’re sick and tired of the do-nothing Senate,” Lamborn said.

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