Bad News for Udall, Senate Race Now a ‘Toss-Up’

April 25, 2014

DENVER — The Cook Political Report on Friday downgraded Democratic Sen. Mark Udall’s chances of winning reelection calling the race a toss-up after two more polls showed him running neck and neck with Republican Rep. Cory Gardner.

“[T]he last five polls have put the Udall/Gardner match up within the margin of error,” said Cook political analyst Jennifer Duffy in a Twitter post. “The race moves to Toss Up from Lean D.”

A Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday showed Udall edging Gardner by 45 to 44 percentage points, while the Democratic-leaning firm Public Policy Polling survey issued Wednesday showed Udall up by 47 to 45 percentage points. Both results were within the margin of error.

The Cook Report adjustment comes days after the Rothenberg Political Report downgraded the race from Democrat Favored to Leans Democrat, another ill harbinger for Udall, who has watched his formerly safe Democratic seat move into play since Gardner entered the contest in late February.

“I think that’s the race—it’s going to be very, very close,” said Denver pollster Floyd Ciruli after this week’s polls were released. “People are very dug in, and this is going to be decided by those final 10 percent who are undecided.”

Udall has also found himself on the wrong side of the Obamacare issue. He voted for the sweeping health-care reform program, which remains highly unpopular among Colorado voters, and has said he would do so again.

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