Our View: Sen. Udall has Female Troubles

April 15, 2014

Sen. Mark Udall can hardly be accused of a war on women.

He touches all the politically correct bases, to be sure.

Udall is big on abortion rights, even though roughly half of those aborted are future women.

He’s a reliable and politically motivated voice for women’s equality in the home, hospital, and the workplace. No one wails louder about paycheck equality than Mark Udall.

So it came as some surprise when recent reports revealed that Udall paid women on his staff 82 percent of what he pays the men who work for him.

Could it be that politics is driving the noise, not principle?

Interestingly, the man who seems to be the most devoted to keeping Udall in office is his Senate buddy, Michael Bennet.

Bennet isn’t just the other Colorado senator. He heads up the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee, meaning that Bennet has a lot invested in keeping Udall in the Senate.

Losing Udall would mean Bennet would have to work with the Republican challenger Cory Gardner, and Bennet would have a hard time dealing with that. How would he figure out how to vote on Second Amendment issues without Udall’s guidance, for instance?

Even more, it’s all about whatever the Senate version of “street cred” amounts to.But when it comes to Udall’s lowballing paychecks on the female side of his office, paycheck-wise, the loquacious Michael Bennet is deafeningly silent.

But the facts speak for themselves, and loudly at that.

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One Response to Our View: Sen. Udall has Female Troubles

  1. Bob Terry
    April 16, 2014 at 10:14 am

    Get what ya pay for eh Mark? Unfortunately you have your Democrat “Mommies” that buy into your absolute horse crap!!!

    Bennett Udall these two losers need a “ride” out of town.


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