Cheap Seats: Obama Reveals ID of Top CIA Chief

May 27, 2014

Another smooth move by President Barack Obama who revealed the name of the CIA station chief in Afghanistan while trying to one-up President George W. Bush with a Memorial Day visit to the soldiers at the Bagram Air Base.

Obama’s crack White House press operation is responsible for sending e-mails to more than 6,000 reporters that contained the name of the top spy in the war-torn country.

Station chiefs manage CIA activity, everything from intelligence gathered by spies to the data that drones collect, to say nothing of other activities conducted by drones.

In Obamaland, revealing the name of a CIA station chief is an oopsie, no biggie.

The emails went to reporters in the U.S. at the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and that paragon of the red, white and blue, Al Jazeera America.

In the real world, identifying a spy is a death warrant for the secret agent. About the only option is to remove the station chief and start anew.

Given that the idea is to keep spies as anonymous as possible, we ought never know whether Obama had the sense to pull out his station chief.

Based on what we do know from Obama’s leadership in Benghazi, and his poor performance at Bagram, there is no reason to expect competence.

What we can anticipate is a campaign of mass distraction; probably another gun-control push crafted to take advantage of the Santa Barbara tragedy that was ignited by a homicidal man with mental health issues.

Anything to distract from the constant drumbeat of the Obama administration’s incessant incompetence.

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