Cheap Seats: Polis’s Bid for Power

May 12, 2014

Good to know that House Democrats in Washington are getting back to their roots of hard labor, dirty hands, cracked fingernails and aching backs.

They’ve been led by Nancy Pelosi, the Ma Joad of Marin County, the hardscrabble Harriet who hails from Boston’s Back Bay who flew west in first class, forced to eat second-tier caviar washed down with tap water. Quelle horreur!

Nancy is down to her last $100 million, so there’s no doubt that no one else in the House of Representatives identifies more with the Americans who have to work two or more part-time jobs, lost the health insurance they had and have peculiar habits like church attendance and NASCAR.

Nothing says NASCAR like Nancy Pelosi.

Until now.

Turns out that Jared Polis is trying to buy his way, er, win a coveted spot — chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

In many cases that would be considered a “job,” but we’re talking Polis here, and the word “job” simply doesn’t apply in his case.

No one has worked less and been given more, not even Nancy Pelosi, than Boulder’s own, Jared Polis.

So in that sense Polis sounds like a superb candidate for the D-Triple C, as the political cognoscenti have it.

The D-Trip likes buying friends to influence politics and no one knows that game like Jared Polis.

It’s not as if he actually has a record of accomplishment he used to get himself elected. He had money enough to buy the spot and his opponents didn’t. As the Dems are wont to tell us, money wins elections.

That’s of course behind Polis’s bid for the D-Trip. It’s something he thinks he can buy and his Dem colleagues hate money, unless they think it will make them look rough-hewn and hard working.

Just like Jared Polis.

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