Cheap Seats: Udall’s Backdoor to Fracking

May 2, 2014

Mark Udall’s web of voter deceit is tightening on him.

Known occasionally on these pages as “Mr. Maggie Fox” for his slavish adherence to the doctrine of anthropogenic global warming, Udall has been trying to have it not just two, but three, four and more ways.

Udall’s core constituency is the nut-job left, the delusory paranoids who think that they can save the earth by banning the use of any fossil fuel.

For them, hydraulic fracturing is the new broccoli.

It doesn’t matter that they’re invincibly ignorant, or at least not to Udall. As one of Al Gore’s well-paid acolytes (wife Maggie Fox recently retired from a $250,000 a year climate-control job for the former Veep), Udall doesn’t dare stray from the hymnal.

Udall tells his hometown buddies in Boulder – the focus of fracking freakiness — that he’s with them and against fossil fuels, hoping they pay no attention to his support for ramping up the exportation of liquefied natural gas when he talks about his love for energy on a rare visit to the West Slope.

And he hopes that the West Slope residents who are hoping the natural gas exports will prop up prices and boost the energy economy won’t notice Udall’s opposition to hydraulic fracturing.

Sooner or later – and sooner is almost here – Coloradans will figure out that exporting liquefied natural gas requires hydraulic fracturing.

You can’t be for one and against the other.

If Udall keeps trying to have it both ways, Coloradans are likely to conclude that he can’t be a senator.

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2 Responses to Cheap Seats: Udall’s Backdoor to Fracking

  1. Bob Terry
    May 2, 2014 at 9:54 am

    He needs to go PERIOD. Untrustworthy, and a liar to benefit himself and his agenda..Not Colorado’s

  2. PeterP
    May 4, 2014 at 4:00 pm

    I knew Mark had nothing positive to run on and was eagerly awaiting his smear-adds against Cory Gardner. But his latest smear literally had Cory rolling in spilled muddy oil on the side of a filthy drum under the approving eyes of the Koch brothers. It reminded me of a Kuwait after the Iraq invasion. I knew Mark would be dirty but surprised he is throwing real mud so soon.


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