Log Cabin Republicans Target Polis on Energy

May 13, 2014

Rep. Jared Polis

Rep. Jared Polis

WASHINGTON — Log Cabin Republicans on Monday launched a new ad campaign against Rep. Jared Polis and his efforts to ban high tech energy development in Colorado saying the initiative would cost the state 68,000 jobs and $8 billion in revenues.

“Congressman Polis is the latest in a litany of limousine liberals who feels he knows what’s best for everyone, but in reality he’s nothing more than a NIMBY nanny-stater willing to dump millions of dollars of his fortune into a crusade to force everyday Americans to bend to his will,” said Gregory T. Angelo, executive director of the national organization.

“Maybe if Polis spent less time counting his money and more time imagining what it must be like to own only one home, he’d realize that banning responsible energy development hurts Colorado’s families,” Angelo said.

The 30-second radio ad airing in the Denver market says Polis is using his personal wealth to push measures onto the November ballot. The ad also says that so-called “local control” initiatives would instead block development and raise energy prices.

The ad accuses Polis, a multi-millionaire, of using his personal wealth in an effort that would raise costs on families that “can’t afford to pay for his ideas.”

The Log Cabin Republicans, a 30-year old national organization that represents the interests of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender members of the party, also has a Colorado chapter that has endorsed the ad campaign.

George Gramer, president of the Colorado chapter, says Polis’s initiative is a threat against the individual liberty of everyone in the state.

“Log Cabin Republicans of Colorado has opposed Congressman Polis, and his obsession with this bad-business ballot initiative for months,” Gramer said.

Polis, who is openly gay, is also finding himself increasingly isolated within his own party as the Democratic establishment rushes to build a firewall against his and other anti-fracking efforts.

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2 Responses to Log Cabin Republicans Target Polis on Energy

  1. Bob Terry
    May 13, 2014 at 1:42 pm

    Mr Polis may be openly gay ..but has anyone figured out he is openly “elitist” and figures the masses are beneath him. How do we vote for people like this, but look at the majority of Democrats that “represent” their Districts. They are from Boulder or with in shouting distance. Our Gay representative cares nothing for you …except the agenda, from which he spouts. I am Jared and I am right, YOU will bend and conform to my will. Screw you Jared and the party who says we represent the “people” Yeah dumb non thinking and what’s in it for me people.

  2. Peter1951
    May 13, 2014 at 5:53 pm

    I love the ad campaign and especially since it comes from the Log Cabin Republicans. Polis should try to sell his song and dance routine in China. They build 3 to 5 new coal power plants per month. They are the dirty kind. We will be sure to cheer him personally at his departure.


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