Ad: Polis Too Rich to Care About Jobs, Energy Costs

May 21, 2014

Print ad created by Log Cabin Republicans

Print ad created by Log Cabin Republicans

DENVER — The Log Cabin Republicans have released another ad targeting Democratic Rep. Jared Polis’s anti-fracking campaign, this one featuring the congressman in a spoof of the 1980s television show “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.”

The narrator, who sounds like the British celebrity host Robin Leach, swoons over Polis’s net worth of in excess of $65 million and his three “luxury residences,” including a $5 million mansion outside Washington, D.C.

“Posh Polis doesn’t have much in common with average Coloradans,” says the narrator. “That’s why he’s now spending some of his fortune to stop natural gas development. That growth has brought tens of thousands of new jobs to the state.”

The ad continues, “Polis doesn’t seem concerned about 68,000 jobs Colorado could lose. Or the prospect of sky-high heating bills.”

The 60-second radio ad is airing in Denver this week on KOA-AM, KBCO-FM, KALC-FM, and KOSI-FM, said Log Cabin spokeswoman Allison Miller.

Log Cabin Republicans are running some of the most memorable ads of the Colorado 2014 election cycle. Last week, the GOP gay-rights group ran a full-page ad in the Denver Post showing Polis wearing a crown and a robe.

“King Polis has 68 million reasons not to care about jobs in Colorado,” says the ad.

Polis is the moneybags behind Coloradans for Clean and Safe Energy, the issue committee promoting a slew of anti-fracking initiatives aimed at the Nov. 4 ballot. In the reporting period ending May 14, the group raised $1.45 million in the form of one donation from another Polis organization, Coloradans for Local Control.

Meanwhile, Polis has reserved $1.3 million in television air time to promote the proposed anti-fracking measures, according to the Colorado Independent.

Polis has said he became involved with the anti-fracking movement after discovering three wells near his 50-acre vacation retreat in Weld County. One of his proposed initiatives would give localities the authority to ban oil and gas activity within their borders.

The proposed initiatives are awaiting the outcome of challenges before the Colorado Supreme Court.

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One Response to Ad: Polis Too Rich to Care About Jobs, Energy Costs

  1. Bob terry
    May 21, 2014 at 6:50 pm

    Polis cares about one thing….POLIS..and after he gets his butt wiped..he may think about you. This is liberal “elite” and De Gette, she isn’t to far behind. But there are enough butt sniffers that will support them…

    I am so sick of them and the party they represent…how sick will the rest of the State vote ?


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