Why Udall Really Called for the VA Chief’s Resignation

May 29, 2014

Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki

Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki

Sen. Mark Udall has come down hard on the Veterans Affairs Department, leading the most discerning of observers to conclude that it must be an election year.

Udall was silent when it was revealed last month that the VA center in Phoenix had a secret waiting list on which health care officials placed problematic veterans who might endanger their bonuses.

When 40 veterans died waiting for treatment, not a word came from Udall.

When an inspector’s general report in early May exposed the VA center in Fort Collins trying to game the system in a similar manner, Udall was silent.

But now a new and improved inspector’s general report supposedly gave Udall enough cover to call for Shinseki’s resignation on Wednesday.

More likely, Udall saw some unfavorable polling that inspired him to push Shinseki off the side of the sinking ship known as the Obama administration.

Or, it could have been those robocalls from the national Republican Party that flooded the phones of Colorado voters exposing Udall’s cowardice in the VA scandal.

The calls started Wednesday morning. Voilà! Udall demands Shinseki’s resignation by mid-afternoon.

The only transparency we’ve seen in the last six years is Udall’s political motivation.

Despite headlines from Beltway newspapers, Udall didn’t take a magnanimous stand against President Barack Obama. He waited until it became patently clear that Eric Shinseki was an abject failure as the head of an agency tasked with caring for the nation’s war veterans.

Turns out that despite his rank, Shinseki couldn’t administer the dumping of a bedpan, much less a major federal department.

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One Response to Why Udall Really Called for the VA Chief’s Resignation

  1. play nice
    May 29, 2014 at 4:19 pm

    General Rick falls on his sword

    WH image problem solved

    press no longer interested

    Dems can exhale


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