Study: Western States are More Equal Than Others

June 12, 2014

It’s all the rage to worry about income inequality, especially in the places where it seems incomes are the least equal.

A study by Ohio University and the Heritage Foundation shows that the chasm between the rich and poor is greatest in places like California and New York, to pick two examples, which happen to be from whence the loudest whining emanates.

Oh yes, and also Washington, D.C.

We know this because the study focused on what is known as the Gini coefficient, a standard measure of income inequality — the wider the gap, the greater the inequality of incomes.

Coming in with the big number was Washington with 0.532, followed by New York, at 0.499, then Connecticut, 0.486. California came in at 44, with 0.471.

States with the least income inequality were some of Colorado’s next-door neighbor, Utah, at 0.419 and the appropriately named “Equality State,” Wyoming, was third, 0.423. Sarah Palin’s Alaska came in second at 0.422.

Colorado, home of Democrat leadership in the executive, legislative and judicial branches, came in at No. 29, 0.457.

Interestingly, the states with the greatest income equality also happen to be the ones in which income is more equal.

On the one hand, it’s clear that the high-inequality states are blue.

It’s also obvious from the Gini numbers that another factor is at work — more energy results in less inequality, or better yet, Fracking equals Equality.

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