Left-Footers Trip Over Energy on Path to Reelection

June 2, 2014

Colorado’s two left-footed senators are tripping merrily even further left, if that’s possible.

Not that you’ll read it anywhere but here, but Mark Udall and Michael Bennet went strangely silent when 45 of their colleagues, including several vulnerable Democrats wrote to the Environmental Protection Agency asking the bureaucratic Defenders of the Faith to abandon new rules for electricity-generating stations that will kill jobs and raise consumer prices.

The EPA wants coal-fired plants like the ones in Hayden and Pueblo shut off because of “carbon pollution” — the load of bull that has made Mark Udall a certified one-percenter, almost as well-off as his Colorado co-conspirator, Bennet.

It’s a sweet gig. The Udalls and Bennets fancy themselves masters of the universe, immune to the rules that bind the rest of us. So they figure that Udall can run hard without consequences in the race against Cory Gardner.

Make no mistake, this not just an election for Udall. Bennet has a lot riding on it as well. He’s Udall’s de-facto campaign manager, after all. They have way too much money and power at stake and it’s not as though the lives of Coloradans who actually work for their livings matter in this.

So Udall will play all ends against the middle. He’ll try to keep western Colorado and Weld County appeased by calling for more exportation of liquefied natural gas while lifting not even a finger in the hydraulic fracturing debate, an industry that employs more than 100,000 Coloradans.

Udall and Bennet certainly don’t want to alienate Jared Polis, who has a hundred million bucks, or Tom Steyer, the San Francisco moneybags whose billions they covet.

And coal is an easy punching bag for Udall and Bennet. It’s not as if Udall has much hope of getting Coal Country votes anyway, so the senators have decided to write them off and make their play from Denver to Fort Collins. That’s the sweet spot they won’t ever alienate with support for hydraulic fracturing.

There’s reason to think that the Interstate 25 crowd isn’t entirely predictable though. If it were there would still be a state Sen. Evie Hudak.

Udall could still march himself off the Hudak cliff, one left-foot step at a time.

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