Cheap Seats: The Cooling of Global Warming

July 24, 2014

That cold chill you feel when Sen. Mark Udall talks about “climate change” is more than a figment of your imagination.

It’s actually getting colder.

That’s not just Cheap Seats saying it, that’s the official word from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

NOAA’s Climate Reference Network went to work in 2005 reading thermometers at what it humbly described as 114 pristinely sited temperature stations spread out fairly uniformly throughout the U.S.

The network’s temperature readings show that the U.S. has been getting cooler over the past decade, down about 0.4 degrees Celsius.

That’s not terribly surprising given the geological belief that the earth is entering a new Little Ice Age.

Consider that the Great Lakes last winter froze over for the first time since 1979, when all the rage was the coming Ice Age.

Then there is the plateau over the past 17 years in global temperatures detected by satellite readings.

Oh, and then NOAA has quietly restored 1936 to its previous place as the hottest year in American history. 2012 is no longer believed to be the hottest ever. Not even close.

Of course, the global-warming cabal is saying nothing, although it is plugging new data into its models that have been programmed to show a fiery planet growing ever-so much hotter.

A word to Udall: Beware the dangers of GINGO, or “Garbage In, Garbage Out.”

And that’s sounding a lot like the Udall campaign mantra, which seems to be leaving observant Coloradans cold.

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