Cheap Seats: The Cooling of Global Warming

July 4, 2014

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and the belief in anthropogenic global warming have more in common than proponents of either might care to admit.

Global warming is, of course, all the rage among the simple-minded folk whose critical-thinking skills have never advanced past the ProgLuddite level. Yes, we’re talking to you Sen. Mark Udall and wife Maggie Fox, and the megabucks she hauled in from Al “Love me some petrobucks” Gore and the Climate Reality Project (CRaP.)

The swimsuit issue enjoys a similar attraction: its fans aren’t so much interested in the design of the swimsuits, if indeed they can be called “suits,” or the backgrounds against which they’re photographed, as they are in checking out the occupants of said “suits.”

It’s pretty basic stuff, show guys some skin and they’ll reach for their wallets.

Warmists have been employing a similar approach: act as though the sky is falling and people who don’t give much thought to things (okay, maybe they’re not exactly capable of that level of thinking) will hand over money so they can feel better.

However, the warmest approach took a hit when a study begun back in 2004 undertook to predict how hot the earth would be in 2014.

The study by the British Meteorological Office, called “the Met” in warmest circles and generally recognized as the St. Paul’s Cathedral of warmish, forecast that “at least half of the years after 2009” would be warmer than 1998, then the warmest year on record.

Stupid, really, to make it so easy to check.

Turned out that not one year after 2009 was warmer than 1998 and that in fact the earth had cooled by 0.014 degrees Centigrade.

Oops. Not how that was supposed to have played out.

So, combined with Al Gore’s specious doom-saying that has yet to show any sign of coming true, the Met Office “study” makes it clear that global warming theory and the swimsuit edition have one last thing in common: They’re chock full of monumental busts.

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One Response to Cheap Seats: The Cooling of Global Warming

  1. John
    July 5, 2014 at 11:56 pm

    I think you mean anthropogenic :)


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