Democrat Candidates Rolling in Dough but GOP Gets More Bang for Buck

July 23, 2014

DENVER — Colorado Democrats routinely outraise and outspend their Republican foes, but a poll released Tuesday shows that this year’s statewide GOP candidates are doing more with less.

A Public Policy Polling survey released Tuesday found that Republican Bob Beauprez is locked in a statistical tie with Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper, despite the governor’s greater than 3 to 1 fundraising advantage.

Hickenlooper held the 44 to 43 percent edge over Beauprez in the PPP survey, which is known for its leftward tilt.

The poll also showed that Republicans are leading Democrats in every other statewide race, even though the Democrats have stockpiled more cash in two of the three contests.

In the race for Attorney General, Republican Cynthia Coffman held a 38 to 29 percent lead over Democrat Don Quick. Coffman has raised $252,820, significantly less than the $340,769 collected by Quick, according to the July 1 campaign-finance reports.

In the Secretary of State contest, Republican Wayne Williams has only raised $100,311, or about a third of the $294,118 that Democrat Joe Neguse has drawn, but Williams is ahead of Neguse by a margin of 35 to 27 percent.

The exception to the fundraising rule is state Treasurer Walker Stapleton, who’s amassed $740,062 in his bid for reelection, more than twice that of Democrat Betsy Markey’s $329,606. Stapleton leads Markey by 43 to 33 percent.

“The high level of undecideds in all of those races leaves the Democrats with room to grow but for now the GOP candidates are very well positioned,” said pollster Tom Jensen in his analysis.

The PPP results correlate closely with a Gravis Marketing poll released last week, with the exception of the governor’s race. The Gravis survey found Hickenlooper leading Beauprez by 49 to 43 percent, with Libertarian Matt Hess taking 6 percent, but that Republicans led in the rest of the statewide contests.

Coffman ran ahead of Quick by 42 to 38 percent, while Williams edged Neguse by 42 to 39 percent and Stapleton led Markey by 44 to 41 percent.

The difference in the Gravis poll, which tends to lean right, is that the survey included the Libertarian candidates, who took anywhere from six to nine percent of the vote.

Hickenlooper has raised $3.1 million, compared with Beauprez’s $878,585, which includes a $527,000 loan. It should be noted that Beauprez got off to a late start: He didn’t enter the Republican primary race until March, whereas the governor has been fundraising for far longer.

The PPP survey also found the Senate race knotted in a statistical dead heat, as other polls have found, with Democratic Sen. Mark Udall leading Republican Rep. Cory Gardner by 44 to 43 percent.

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