Yo Bloomberg! We’re Out of the Wilderness

July 14, 2014

Downtown Colorado Springs

Downtown Colorado Springs

Cheap Seats simply cannot let pass Mike Bloomberg’s jibe against Colorado.

What does the Bloomster think of these big square states? That they’re all roadless?
Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, oh goodness, what must Bloomie think is in Montana?

Does he think they’re wilderness?

They don’t have roads, according to the former erstwhile mayor of New York City, acquired from the Indians for beads we’re told were worth about 24 bucks.

Funny, inflation never affects that number. Maybe because the Indians are starting to think they got the better deal.

More seriously, if Bloomberg thinks that Colorado has no roads, doesn’t it stand to reason in what passes for his mind that the gun bans he favors would be out of place in the wilds of Colorado?

Perhaps he heard that a mastodon was found in the Centennial State and wants to make sure that the rest of them don’t get shot by hungry pioneers needing a meal.

Or maybe he just can’t resist the urge to tell other people how to live. Isn’t that right Mayor Not-So-Big-Gulp?

Actually, Bloomers long ago left no doubt that his capacity for buffoonery was exceeded only by his unfounded ego.

The question here in the Cheap Seats is why Rolling Stone magazine decided to yank the illuminating story from its website once the editors got around to reading it.

Were they trying to protect Bloomberg from shooting off his mouth? Were they concerned that he revealed himself to be small-bore, in every of the many senses of the phrase?

Or was Rolling Stone just under the impression that there is no broadband in the wilderness?

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