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Public Records Reveal Green Lobby Connections

July 16, 2012
me and the sysop / Foter

DENVER – A search of publicly available records reveals a web of connections between environmental groups in and out of Colorado. National and out-of-state environmental organizations have poured money into the coffers of various green organizations within the state of Colorado, money which then can be traced to lobbyists, activist efforts, get-out-the-vote (GOTV) operations, and candidates running for local, state, and federal offices. Read more »

ANALYSIS: Union Boss Salaries Outpace Members by Orders of Magnitude

June 21, 2012

MEDIA TRACKERS: Colorado’s SEIU President cleared $94,486 in 2011 while members in industries such as janitorial services made just $22,288 according to labor statistics

DENVER – The Executive Director of the Colorado Education Association [CEA], Tony Salazar, was paid five times that of the average member of the CEA according to 990 filings for 2007 and 2008. The wage gap between Colorado Union bosses and Union members isn’t limited to the CEA either, SEIU bosses, United Transportation Union bosses, and Sheet Metal Workers bosses in Colorado all consistently outpace the wages of their membership by margins ranging from ~200-500%. Read more »

Colorado Democratic Spokesman Accuses State Parties of Money Laundering

May 31, 2012

MEDIA TRACKERS: Based on the last election cycle, Democratic leaning 527's totaled 99% of all non federal 527 activity in Colorado political races

DENVER – The top spokesman for Colorado Democrats told a local paper that both parties in the state engaged in financing activities that resembled money laundering. Read more »

Senate Committee Torpedoes Bill to Allow Teachers to Opt-Out of Unions

May 6, 2012

The bill would have allowed teachers to end automatic payroll deductions for union dues after giving 30 days written notice to their employer

DENVER – A Senate committee scuttled legislation on Friday that would have allowed teachers to opt-out of union membership at any time and for any reason.  The party line vote against the bill came during an early morning hearing with virtually no testimony or debate. Read more »

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