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Our View: Obama Budget is More of the Same

February 13, 2012
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President Obama released his FY 2013 budget today.  Like his previous budgets, it projects an annual deficit for this year in excess of $1 trillion dollars ($1.33 trillion to be precise), slimming to $901 billion in red ink next year, and eventually “shrinking” (as the AP so eloquently put it) the deficit to just under $600 billion by 2018.  To put that in perspective, the largest deficit ever posted during the notoriously spendthrift Bush Administration was a comparatively frugal $482 billion in 2008 – when America was fighting two wars and Congress approved the then-unprecedented and innocuously named Troubled Asset Relief Program (the bank bailout for those of us on Main Street).

Yet the true cost of President Obama’s budget, as irresponsible as it is, is even larger than first meets the eye.  It relies on “savings” that will purportedly be achieved as a result of the end of American combat operations in the Middle East.  But are these real savings? Read more »

Our View: McNulty Deserves Praise for Handling of Bradford Affair

February 11, 2012

Watching the evolution of the Laura Bradford fiasco at the State Capitol over the last few weeks calls to mind the old analogy about watching a train wreck or a seedy freakshow:  We know we shouldn’t look – but we simply can’t turn away.

Bradford, a Collbran Republican, was initially stopped on the evening of January 25 after having a few drinks after work.  On that much, everyone seemed to agree.   Everything after the traffic stop, however, quickly became an incomprehensible jumble of evolving stories, police incompetence, political theater and good old fashioned grandstanding. Read more »

Our View: An Extended Primary is Good for GOP

February 4, 2012

The first few GOP primary competitions have been at once riveting, entertaining and revolting.  But what they have not been is decisive, prompting the usual hand-wringing among Republican Party elites who grumble that a “long, drawn out nomination contest” will cause irreparable harm to the eventual GOP nominee.  We disagree, and believe that the GOP is better served by a lively and extended soul-searching debate than they are a perfunctory coronation.

For starters, just four states have cast votes, and more than 90% of prospective delegates to the Republican National Convention in Tampa later this year have yet to be chosen.  For GOP establishment types to be lamenting the length of the primary season just one month into the state by state playoff is something that leaves many rank and file Republicans in the other 46 states scratching their heads. Read more »

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