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Commentary: Udall has Waged a War on Youth

July 14, 2014

In his recent Denver Post article, Sen. Mark Udall declared that Coloradans have the right “to be left alone, to make his or her own choices, and to live life unencumbered.”

Absolutely! If only Udall’s votes in Washington matched his rhetoric.

Instead, Udall’s votes suggest that he is complicit in politicians’ War on Youth.

My generation is entrepreneurial, creative, and constantly looking for ways to change the status quo to make our lives better.

Unfortunately, too many young people in Colorado are putting their dreams on hold and pushing their greatest aspirations to the side because they are busy struggling to foot the bill for expensive government programs that we don’t actually benefit from.

Ten percent of Colorado’s millennials – 18-29 year olds – are unemployed. Many more are struggling to find full-time jobs. Read more »

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