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Bennet “Crowdfunding” Measure Signed Into Law

April 6, 2012


(Photo by Li Tsin Soon)

WASHINGTON — President Obama signed a bipartisan bill into law Thursday that he said would allow start-up companies and businesses to tap into a “big pool of investors – the American people.”

The Jobs Act reduces the amount needed to invest in a new business, using a concept called “crowdfunding.” It allows a person who earns as little as $50,000 a year to invest as much as $500 annually. Also, the law extends the number of years that companies have until they comply with SEC auditing requirements and requires companies to disclose their financial condition, business plan, and potential conflicts of interests. Read more »

Polis Investments in Health Care Company Draw Fresh Criticism

April 5, 2012

U.S. Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.) continues to face questions about investments in health care companies he made as a member of a panel crafting the ObamaCare law (Photo by Jeffrey Beall)

WASHINGTON — At a bill signing ceremony Wednesday, President Obama threw his support behind legislation that would curb lawmakers from possessing stocks in industries they oversee. Read more »

Perlmutter, Polis Go Against Grain in Voting For Budget Amendment

April 2, 2012
nasa hq photo / Foter

WASHINGTON – In a little-noticed vote last week, House Republicans and Democrats voted overwhelmingly against a bill modeled on a bipartisan panel’s recommendation to reduce the national debt through spending cuts and tax hikes. Read more »

Gardner Energy Proposal Draws Resistance from Dems

March 30, 2012

4th District Rep. Cory Gardner

WASHINGTON – Seeking to reduce gasoline prices, Rep. Cory Gardner has proposed linking a drawdown of the nation’s crude oil emergency fund to an uptick in the share of federal land leased for oil and gas exploration. Read more »

Colo. Representatives Expect Court to Overturn ObamaCare Mandate

March 29, 2012


dbking / Foter

WASHINGTON – Rep. Doug Lamborn secured a rare seat in the Supreme Court for Tuesday’s oral argument about the constitutionality of the 2010 federal health care law. The Colorado Springs Republican listened as Justice Anthony Kennedy asked U.S. Solicitor General Donald B. Verrilli whether or not the law’s individual mandate changes the relationship between the federal government and the citizen. Read more »

Senate Passes Bennet Start-Up Funding Bill

March 26, 2012

Photo by Li Tsin Soon

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Senate passed an amendment Thursday designed to ease the requirements for start-up companies to raise money from ordinary people online and mandate they disclose their financial statements and business plans. Read more »

Stryker Campaign Contributions, Ties to Embattled Solar Firm, Prompt Criticism

March 22, 2012
Abound Solar received a federal loan despite having a poor credit rating , raising questions of political favoritismPhotoMojoMike /Stock Photos

WASHINGTON – Patricia Stryker’s self-identification on federal forms as a major Democratic donor depended on whether she gave money to politicians with influence over energy policy or not.

When the billionaire heiress donated money to Democratic pols who could shape federal energy policy directly, usually she identified herself in connection with Bohemian Companies, the Fort-Collins based firm that made key investments in a participant in the Department of Energy’s loan guarantee program. Read more »

Dems Demonize Ryan Budget Reforms

March 21, 2012
Great Beyond /Stock Photos

WASHINGTON, DC – Even as they defended a plan to overhaul Medicare as key to the long-term fiscal prospects of the nation, three Colorado House Republicans acknowledged it may not be in their party’s short-term political interest.

The 2013 budget blueprint unveiled Tuesday by House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) seeks in part to get the nation out of debt. Central to the plan is a reform of Medicare, which provides medical insurance to the disabled and elderly, whose ranks are growing as the baby-boom generation retires. Read more »

Colo. Republicans Split on Newt Staying in Race

March 16, 2012
patrickgensel /Free Photos

WASHINGTON, DC – Former Republican congressman Tom Tancredo thinks Newt Gingrich should withdraw from the GOP presidential battle, saying his exit would give fellow conservative Rick Santorum a chance to win the party’s nomination. Read more »

Udall, Bennet Vote to Block Keystone Pipeline

March 14, 2012

The proposed Keystone pipeline route

WASHINGTON, DC – For a good five minutes on the U.S. Senate floor, Republican John Hoeven of North Dakota lobbied Democrat Mark Udall of Colorado to vote to put the Keystone XL oil sands pipeline on the fast track to approval. It was a week before the Senate’s March 8 vote on the controversial pipeline, and Hoeven thought Udall might be convinced to vote for his amendment.

“He didn’t commit one way or another. He seemed interested in the arguments,” Hoeven recalled in an interview Tuesday.

Udall confirmed he spoke with Hoeven about the measure. “I didn’t argue with Sen. Hoeven. I was interested and I listened,” Udall said in an interview.

Udall ended up opposing the amendment, which fell four votes shy of getting the 60 necessary to overcome a filibuster attempt in the upper chamber. Hoeven suggested the Obama administration might have convinced Udall on the eve of the vote to block the measure, noting that the president called many wavering Democratic senators and succeeded in getting them to vote with the administration. Read more »

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