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Colorado Voter Registration Numbers Edge Up in June

July 5, 2012
Election Day, 10:35 a.m.
Columbia City Blog / Foter

DENVER–The number of active voters in Colorado edged up only slightly for June, in figures released by the Secretary of State’s office before the holiday break this week.

In all, just under 6,000 additional voters were added to the active rolls in the weeks leading up to the June 26 primary. More than 525,000 partisan ballots were cast in the primary, with Republicans returning approximately 97,000 more ballots than their Democratic counterparts, who saw fewer contested primary battles. Read more »

Western Conservative Summit Set for This Weekend

June 26, 2012

Big name Summit draws include Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and Glenn Beck

DENVER – For the Western Conservative Summit’s third helping, founder John Andrews has a prediction – it’s gonna be big.

The former Colorado Senate President and Director of the Centennial Institute moved up the date for this year’s summit, pushing it just ahead of the Fourth of July holiday, little more than four months ahead of the November 2012 election. Read more »

Early Turnout Numbers Show GOP Edge

June 21, 2012
Voters short and tall
Columbia City Blog / Foter

DENVER – With less than a week to go before the June 26th primary election, Colorado Republicans continue to outpace their Democratic counterparts in early turnout results issued Wednesday by the Colorado Secretary of State.

Party-affiliated voters in the state’s 64 counties have cast a total of 319,069 total votes. GOP voters have submitted 182,585 primary ballots, while Democrats have cast 135,636 ballots, more than 25 percent less.

The 2012 election season lacks the marquee races – Governor, U.S. Senate, and the top state elected offices – that typically drive up intraparty competition and draw out fervent primary voters. Read more »

House Panel Probes Integrity of Obama Green Jobs Estimates

June 7, 2012

PASSING THE SMELL TEST? Issa: There are 33 times as many so-called green jobs in the septic tank and portable toilet servicing industry as there are in solar energy, according to the Obama Administration

WASHINGTON – Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) continued to turn up the heat on questionable green jobs estimates from the Department of Labor in a hearing Wednesday before the House Oversight Committee.

Issa also sought to examine what he described as the Department of Labor ‘reaching’ into the Bureau of Labor and Statistics with new media regulations that govern the dissemination of critical labor statistics that have immense and immediate impacts on the overall economy. Read more »

Ahead of June Primary, GOP Maintains Voter Registration Edge

June 5, 2012
Columbia City Blog / Foter

DENVER – The latest figures from the Colorado Secretary of State’s office show Republicans maintaining a hefty advantage in active voter registration, leading their Democratic counterparts 823,266 to 706,480, as ballots prepare to drop for June’s primary election.

The approximately 117,000 active voter margin mirrors that of April’s tally, with Democrats adding just fewer than 1,000 more active voters in the month of May than Republicans. Read more »

“Green Jobs” Stimulus Program Falls Short of Expectations

June 1, 2012

MIXED RESULTS: In the case of one stimulus funded program, "Of the 14 people placed in unsubsidized training-related employment...1 person remains employed."

DENVER – A Department of Labor (DOL) green jobs program that gave $3.6 million to a local community organization in Denver to provide training for disadvantaged individuals produced approximately 200 jobs over the course of the two year program. Read more »

Weld County Officials, Business Leaders Discuss Energy

May 28, 2012

GARDNER: “Talk about job creation, talk about getting this country back on its economic footing, this is where it starts.”

GREELEY – Congressman Cory Gardner (R-Yuma) turned up the heat on energy issues at a business roundtable and visit to a Colorado trucking company last Thursday as part of the GOP House Energy Action Team’s (HEAT) focus on the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations. Read more »

Multi-Million Dollar Road Plan Calls for “Parking Ambassadors”, Fewer Traffic Lanes

May 24, 2012

WHEAT RIDGE – Prepare to tighten your safety belts.  The City of Wheat Ridge began its “road diet” this week.

In October 2011, the Wheat Ridge City Council voted to approve the “38th Avenue Corridor Plan,” a multi-phase strategy employing redevelopment and revitalization of the city’s core retail corridor over the next eighteen years.

The plan divides the corridor into multiple sub-districts, including designated residential and commercial areas connected by pedestrian-friendly walkways and other alternative forms of transportation. Read more »

Trillions of Barrels of Recoverable Oil in Colorado, Utah: GAO

May 13, 2012

Source: Adapted from BLM

DENVER – Trillions of barrels of potentially recoverable oil lies within the Green River Formation of Colorado and Utah, and perhaps as much or more than the current proven oil reserves for the entire world, according to a new report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office. Read more »

Romney Challenges Obama Energy Policy During Colorado Visit

May 10, 2012

Romney, pictured here during a February visit to Colorado, assailed Obama's opposition to developing traditional sources of energy

FORT LUPTON—Set against a clear blue sky and fields of winter wheat, presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney laid out his energy policy: “all of the above”—and below—ground. Read more »

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