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Udall Hopes to Win with Bennet’s Playbook

June 13, 2014

Sen. Mark Udall

Sen. Mark Udall and his shadow

National Democrats have become confident that Sen. Mark Udall can win a second term by replaying the 2010 tape. That’s the one in which Udall’s Senate doppelgänger, Michael Bennet, pulled off an improbable victory over Republican Ken Buck.

The idea is pretty straightforward — paint the opponent negatively (It doesn’t hurt, by the way, if the opponent cooperates with a series of missteps) offer a few progressive nostrums (If you like your doctor, you can keep him) and have a well-organized get-out-the-vote effort funded by the president.

But 2010 isn’t exactly the same as 2014.

In 2010, hundreds of thousands of Coloradans had yet to get health insurance cancellations, for instance.

In 2010, Obama and Bennet were able to claim they had done battle with al Qaeda and were winning. A horrible thing, however, happened on the way to victory over al Qaeda. Read more »

Study: Western States are More Equal Than Others

June 12, 2014

It’s all the rage to worry about income inequality, especially in the places where it seems incomes are the least equal.

A study by Ohio University and the Heritage Foundation shows that the chasm between the rich and poor is greatest in places like California and New York, to pick two examples, which happen to be from whence the loudest whining emanates.

Oh yes, and also Washington, D.C.

We know this because the study focused on what is known as the Gini coefficient, a standard measure of income inequality — the wider the gap, the greater the inequality of incomes.

Coming in with the big number was Washington with 0.532, followed by New York, at 0.499, then Connecticut, 0.486. California came in at 44, with 0.471. Read more »

Cheap Seats: Reid Can’t Tell Winners From Losers

June 10, 2014

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

Harry Reid, the Nevada Democrat who has yet to be right about anything, including what he had for breakfast, continued his unblemished record of fallibility.

Most recently, Reid went to Kentucky to campaign for Alison Lundergan Grimes, the Democratic candidate for the Senate and pad his stats for getting it wrong.

Reid took the opportunity to stump for Grimes to instead bash Cory Gardner, the Colorado Republican aiming to unseat incumbent Democrat Mark Udall, as a “real loser.”

Cheap Seats is unsure how many Colorado Dems were in the Kentucky audience, but guessing the number was zero, it raises the question of where Reid thought he was.

Confusion seems to be Reid’s hallmark, especially in the area of winners and losers. Read more »

Obama’s Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Prisoner Exchange

June 6, 2014

“The Ransom of Red Chief”

“The Ransom of Red Chief”

So what happened to the smart diplomacy we were promised by Barack Obama?

The question comes as the Taliban is getting all giggly, having snookered Obama with the trade of Bowe Bergdahl for five terrorists with a long list of bloody credentials who have been infesting Guantanamo Bay.

And this operation shouldn’t be confused with an effort to bring, say, Mother Teresa to safety. This is roughly akin to turning John Wayne Gacy loose in a kindergarten — times five — in exchange for Tokyo Rose.

Worst of all, Obama — can we call him Doltbama? — thought he was pulling a crowd pleaser by bringing back a genuine American hero from the clutches of the Taliban.

If what we know so far is any indicator, the Taliban had to be excited they would no longer have to deal with such an insufferable, self-righteous, overweening pile of pretense. And they got rid of Bergdahl, too. Read more »

Obama Knocks on Wood for Success

June 4, 2014

Those observant folks at Politico have taken note of President Barack Obama’s habit of knocking on wood — part nervous twitch, part ritual – to urge a failing policy on to success.

The president literally knocked on wood when he talked about his hopes and dreams for how the Obamacare website would work … someday.

Obama knocks on wood regularly, and with good reason. It’s not as though he has a strong track record.

Case in point: Obama said that the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed regulations on carbon-dioxide would save consumers 8 percent in electricity costs, but the Chamber of Commerce predicts families will pay $200 more a year.

We’re guessing the president knocked on wood when he also predicted Obamacare would save families $2,500 a year. We all know how that turned out.

Politico fails to note whether Obama knocked on wood when he decided to swap five terrorists for Bowe Bergdahl, who’s looking more and more like a deserter and maybe a traitor. Read more »

Why Udall Really Called for the VA Chief’s Resignation

May 29, 2014

Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki

Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki

Sen. Mark Udall has come down hard on the Veterans Affairs Department, leading the most discerning of observers to conclude that it must be an election year.

Udall was silent when it was revealed last month that the VA center in Phoenix had a secret waiting list on which health care officials placed problematic veterans who might endanger their bonuses.

When 40 veterans died waiting for treatment, not a word came from Udall.

When an inspector’s general report in early May exposed the VA center in Fort Collins trying to game the system in a similar manner, Udall was silent.

But now a new and improved inspector’s general report supposedly gave Udall enough cover to call for Shinseki’s resignation on Wednesday.

More likely, Udall saw some unfavorable polling that inspired him to push Shinseki off the side of the sinking ship known as the Obama administration.

Or, it could have been those robocalls from the national Republican Party that flooded the phones of Colorado voters exposing Udall’s cowardice in the VA scandal. Read more »

Jeffco Superintendent Vote Expected to Pass Despite Some Objections

May 27, 2014

LAKEWOOD — Dan McMinimee is expected to become the new superintendent of the Jefferson County school system when the board casts its final vote Tuesday night, despite a series of sidewalk protests and contentious community meetings instigated by teacher’s union activists.

The Jefferson County Education Association urged support for teachers during the roadside rallies, and some of their complaints spilled over into community forums that were intended to introduce McMinimee to parents and students.

At the May 19 forum at the Carmody Middle School in Lakewood, union interests overshadowed a question-and-answer session on Common Core, vouchers, all-day kindergarten, and budget and student concerns.

The session evolved into a pushback against the conservative majority on the Jefferson County Board of Education and teacher complaints that they were not appreciated, had not received pay raises, and suffered from low morale. Read more »

Cheap Seats: Obama Reveals ID of Top CIA Chief

May 27, 2014

Another smooth move by President Barack Obama who revealed the name of the CIA station chief in Afghanistan while trying to one-up President George W. Bush with a Memorial Day visit to the soldiers at the Bagram Air Base.

Obama’s crack White House press operation is responsible for sending e-mails to more than 6,000 reporters that contained the name of the top spy in the war-torn country.

Station chiefs manage CIA activity, everything from intelligence gathered by spies to the data that drones collect, to say nothing of other activities conducted by drones.

In Obamaland, revealing the name of a CIA station chief is an oopsie, no biggie.

The emails went to reporters in the U.S. at the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and that paragon of the red, white and blue, Al Jazeera America.

In the real world, identifying a spy is a death warrant for the secret agent. About the only option is to remove the station chief and start anew. Read more »

Cheap Seats: Polis’s Guesthouse is a Shed

May 15, 2014

Shots from Rep. Jared Polis’s self-directed documentary of a guesthouse at his Weld County vacation retreat.

Shots from Rep. Jared Polis’s self-directed documentary of a guesthouse at his Weld County vacation retreat.

“There’s no place like home,” Dorothy Gale once said, and no one knows that quite like Jared Polis.

Polis, the darling of Boulder who maintains a pied a terre in Weld County, seems not to know his private vacation getaway all too well.

Either that or he has a stronger fondness of convenience than truth. Odds lean to the former.

Polis said in a self-directed crockumentary attacking hydraulic fracturing that drilling on an adjoining property was oh-so close to the guesthouse on his Weld County property, threatening his calm and peace.

Funny thing though, Weld County officials have no record of his “guesthouse.”

However they are aware of a shed that looks suspiciously like the “guesthouse” depicted in Polis’ crockumentary. Read more »

Log Cabin Republicans Target Polis on Energy

May 13, 2014

Rep. Jared Polis

Rep. Jared Polis

WASHINGTON — Log Cabin Republicans on Monday launched a new ad campaign against Rep. Jared Polis and his efforts to ban high tech energy development in Colorado saying the initiative would cost the state 68,000 jobs and $8 billion in revenues.

“Congressman Polis is the latest in a litany of limousine liberals who feels he knows what’s best for everyone, but in reality he’s nothing more than a NIMBY nanny-stater willing to dump millions of dollars of his fortune into a crusade to force everyday Americans to bend to his will,” said Gregory T. Angelo, executive director of the national organization.

“Maybe if Polis spent less time counting his money and more time imagining what it must be like to own only one home, he’d realize that banning responsible energy development hurts Colorado’s families,” Angelo said.

The 30-second radio ad airing in the Denver market says Polis is using his personal wealth to push measures onto the November ballot. The ad also says that so-called “local control” initiatives would instead block development and raise energy prices. Read more »

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